Thursday, 5 December 2013


Pixie *grumpily*: You need to make a new rule, Mama. "No using Mummy's brush in the shower". Buggles doesn't know this rule and now my hair is all wet.
Me: Why were you using my brush? There is a rule about that too.
*Pixie vagues out and walks away*

There are four girls living in my house. We have two bathrooms, even between the four of us you would think that would be enough. You would be wrong.
But now, the key point, in case any of you are not aware of this, teenagers take a lot of time to get ready in the morning and, apparently, require a lot of stuff (I don't know how I missed all this earlier).
I have six younger siblings, and I spent years thinking that when I moved out of home I would be able to leave my stuff in the bathroom and no-one would touch it. I didn't take into account three daughters when developing this master plan. Doesn't matter what I say or do, people still touch my stuff! I use the term "people" loosely; it pretty much only applies to the girls, and one or two others, I don't think  random strangers break into my house and use my brush and my make-up and my hair products - although some days, I believe anything is possible.
I am thinking about installing an anti-child barrier on my bathroom, but so far no-one has been able to suggest anything that would actually work. If anything my bathroom is a child-attracting zone. (The theory seems to be: if Mummy is in the shower or doing her hair or make-up we can corner her!). If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!
PS In case anyone thinks they are suffering, they do have their own brushes and other things too!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

You can't leave it all up to me .....

The Pixie's quote of the day (to her sisters during a family discussion about a good name for this blog): "You two had better start saying funny stuff. You can't leave this all up to me"

Bast part of this quote, she had no idea she was being funny when she said it


The concept of a family blog has been around for a while. Once I finally decided to actually do it, I naturally mentioned it to the children. Partly out of habit, partly because if they hated the idea of me writing about them I would have had to rethink, partly because I wanted to hear what suggestions they would come up with for a name. Their preferred choice of name has been "The Pixie's quote of the day" (disappointing, I was hoping for something more original). Tinks in particular was in favour of this; funnily enough the Pixie had lost interest. However, I am pretty sure that as a parent who is responsible for bringing them up to be useful members of society, Pixie having a blog named after her is not in anyone's best interest, especially as the above quote shows! Plus I'd hate to put her under any pressure.

I happen to like the name.

The girls are not so keen, even once I explained the "clever double meaning".

I am the mother. Sometimes I get veto rights. Especially when I am the person actually writing, even if they are providing the material., so unless anyone else has any brilliant suggestions, the name stands.

I suppose some credit should go to their father; his suggestion was "my mini philosophers".

Just as a side note, neither of us has actually minored, or majored for that matter, in philosophy. My mum is a PhD. Try explaining to my girls why she is a "Doctor of Philosophy" in Maths! This did not help their liking of the name.

And special mention to my facebook friend who suggested the name "You can't leave it all up to me" after reading the above quote. This post is for you!