About: The cast

Our "house" family

Buglet aka The Eldest One
Buglet was my name for her when she was a baby. Basically I thought she was too small to be a "Bug in a Rug" so she was my "Buglet in a Ruglet". Unlike the baby names  I used for the other girls, this one didn't stick so I revived it for this blog.

Buglet is my 16 year old. She is a passionate dancer, who has learnt contemporary, ballet, jazz, and tap, and is now teaching on a Saturday. She enjoys cooking and does dinner about 75% of the time (I am usually told to get out of the kitchen if I try - she gets her cooking skills from her father). She is pretty brilliant and so far we seem to have missed most of the teenage angst. We have a shared love of 'Twilight' and 'Harry Potter', and I am beginning to enjoy chick flicks with her, although I am not quite ready for her to move on to chick lit yet. Buglet is my quiet achiever and we are developing a much more adult relationship which is nice and scary all at the same time. People tease us because we "talk" on facebook. My theory is that if you have a teenager who is talking to you in any capacity we are doing something right!

Tink aka The Middling One
Tink because of her love of Tinkerbell and because she is always flying  around doing something.

Tink is 14.5. She is a highly energetic, well organised person who loves to boss me around. Every since she was tiny, she has hated people talking down to her and much prefers to be treated like an adult by anyone, in return she talks everyone in pretty much the same way. I have been pointing out for the last 12.5 years that I did manage to survive for 20 years before she was born and 2 years before she could speak; I am still not sure she believes me. She plays soccer, does jazz and musical theatre, is on the student council, and plays trumpet. If there is a challenge, Tink is there. We love mystery books and the Percy Jackson books. We also love the Marvel super hero movies that are out now. The other two will tolerate them

Pixie aka The Little One
Pixie is the Pixie because she is little and naughty and lives in a world of her own. I do sometimes also refer to her as "fuzzball" and "the rat", but that is in real life too.

She is 12, going on 16 in lots of ways, and about 4 in others. She says the strangest things, likes to be a llama (I have yet to work out why) and is "puppy-people twins" with our dog. Pixie is cuddly and passionate, insanely smart and oblivious to how most people see things. She is a talented artist (stay tuned for lots of sketches), does ballet, jazz pointe, and hip hop. Our thing seems to be taking selfies. Not on purpose, but she is always on my lap or right next to me when we are together. Like all the girls, she likes me to read the books she is reading so we can discuss them afterwards. She is the only one who seems to have inherited my passion for history.

Our dog. Pixie's "twin". They are inseparable when they are home. She is a 3 year old staffy cross who we acquired when she was 18 months old. She doesn't need a name for privacy reasons but the Pixie didn't think should be left out.

The Cattern or Pickles
Our kitten. She was originally going to be 'Gherkin' on the blog, but it just didn't stick. Pickles is her real life name too, so please don't stalk her.

DB aka Donkey Boy
Or Dear Boofhead depending on the day I am having and is the girls' dad (my ex-husband). We don't live together, but he is still very much a part of the girls' lives, and we share the children and parenting beautifully most of the time, even when we are not particularly talking. He is a boilermaker who works away. It took us a few years of separation and working out a system that works for us, but we seem to have got there. It is a bit unconventional, but to be honest, most things about our lives seem to be. He does know he appears in this blog and was the person who bugged me most to start it as he knows I have always wanted to write.

You will hear enough about my views on the blog, but in summary I am a 35 year old, single, mama of three, newly admitted lawyer, who does a bit of volunteer work in her spare time.  I have degrees in history and legal studies, and a post-grad in law. I love to read and procrastinate from study (when applicable) by doing other things (for more procrastination see my other blog, Kris' Angels, which is focussed on travel with and without children and co-written one of my best friends). I dance (very badly, especially compared to my talented daughters), and I am attempting to learn to love the gym to help prevent ankylosing spondylitis developing. I talk too much, I am a fabulous multi-tasker, and a facebook addict. I drink a lot less alcohol than people think, eat way more cupcakes than I admit too, but most people are fairly accurate in their assumptions of my caffeine intake. Domestic duties are not my thing.

Other people
Apple and Mr Apple
Two very awesome friends who do lots of chauffeuring for me. I outsource other parenting things to them too when neither their father nor I can do it. Apple is also one of my co-Guide leaders.

Monkey Butler and the Minion
Two of my colleagues. Both self named so don't think too badly of me. The Monkey Butler refers to me as her Pet Legal Officer. The Pixie refers to the Minion as 'Boss Minion'. They both look after me very nicely.

The Garden Fairies
The two little girls who live across the road. Named because they happily rocked up one day to help me garden when my three had abandoned me. They are here are lot just hanging out, they are incredibly cute, and the younger one is obsessed by the Cattern.

Uncle S, Auntie J, Pie and OJ
Two of my best friends and their little boys. The girls often go and stay with them during school holidays.

To Be Continued .........


  1. Thank you! Hopefully it will help people keep us a little bit straight.