Friday, 3 October 2014

Trust me, I am (finally) a lawyer

So dear readers, I have finally done it. I took the long walk down the aisle (?) at the Supreme Court, swore the oath and I was admitted as a lawyer.

Yes, I was nervous. But conveniently the girls provide a distraction from worrying about professionally related things.

They were super excited. Pixie is fascinated by Judge Judy. I came across this facebook update from December last year:
It's not everyday the Governor and Fat Cat sing along with your choir.
It's also not everyday your daughter asks Fat Cat if he is really Judge Judy.
So very proud of the "Guide Choir", and very proud to be one of their leaders.
Not devastated I wasn't easily identifiable as Pixie's mother during the Fat Cat interaction.

Yes. That really happened. She was so sure Judge Judy was going going to be there that Marsh told her that she might be disguised as Fat Cat. I am putting the blame squarely on her for that one.

Judge Judy has also meant that Pixie has been a little bit obsessed with the idea of lawyers and hammers, I quote ....

Pixie: When you are lawyer will you get to hit people with hammers?
Me: Um. No?
Pixie: Well what is the point then?

Oh, I don't know. Being part of the justice system? A career I happen to enjoy? A world with answers? (Ok so not the answers to Pixie's questions, but questions nonetheless).

She was also adamant that she was going to ask the Chief Justice if she "could see his gabble". Fortunately she did not get the opportunity to speak to the Chief Justice, and did not ask anyone else about "gabbles" (gavel for those of you who are still confused).

After all my worrying, Pixie was pretty good. The main awkward moment was when she got all excited about "Mama, we went in the lift with the Big Boss". You may picture this said in a stage whisper. He was only a few metres away but if he heard he did a lovely job of ignoring her.

There was also a hilarious moment when my mum asked where a long term colleague and former boss of mine was. He is on long service leave. Pixie responded with "Is he having a baby?!" I couldn't see her face, but another colleague informed me her face was priceless as she was processing the idea of a man the same age as her grandparents being on maternity leave. I did clarify that the term "leave" meaning being away and the term "maternity" being the baby bit.

After all my worry about the Pixie, Tink was the one who got told off for hanging over the balcony, and she was the one who got all excited about "that lawyer who looks like a mad professor". I hope anyone who heard realises that to kids these days being a professor is super cool thanks to Harry Potter.

Overall they were very good, and my colleagues told me how well behaved they were.

I was very well behaved too. I didn't trip or cry or forget how to sign my name or how to talk or drop the Bible or anything like that. So many things to be proud of!

I had a totally amazing day with brunch with my family, and morning tea and after work drinks with my colleagues. I also got some wonderful presents which I was not expecting at all.

From my colleagues.
My boss got the same style necklace when she was admitted.

A champagne (I think it is pink!) coloured pen for signing important legal stuff.

To top it all off the girls had organised a surprise for me when I got home ...

Foot soak + nails done + hand massage + face mask = one lucky Mama
I was very surprised. I knew that they had been planning something because the Pixie had asked me if Apple would be looking after them at all earlier this week and I was also informed that she was "going to discuss finances with Daddy, but you can't ask any questions, Mummy". (Thank you Apple for being the girls' "person", and for always being there to help them).

The fact I am not just their favourite Mum/lawyer, I am their only Mum/lawyer does not need to be mentioned.
Then just as I was falling asleep from all the excitement and relaxation, I got a late night delivery ....

Cath shaped book!

The girls are soooooo jealous! The friend who gave it to me has been teasing me for weeks with clues. I had decided that it was a polar bear disguised as a panda disguisd as librarian eating Oreos. A Cath shaped book is even better. She told me I would want to blog about it, and she was right! Expect this picture to appear in other blog posts.

Being a lawyer is awesome so far. I hope all my days are as lovely!

I do have some thing to work on though. Namely the fact that all my children get the words "prosecute" and "execute" mixed up. I would like to point out that these are not interchangeable. Buglet told me off at brunch yesterday for talking about prosecuting people because it freaks her out.

And today I have worked hard at work again. Just in case anyone was wondering.

My weekend plans are consisting of finishing my bedroom renovations. We worked so hard last weekend and I can't wait to be able to post pictures once it is all done! I was also very proud of myself for thinking to not do any painting between Sunday and Thursday so I wasn't being admitted covered in paint. There is a school of thought that says I should be able to paint without covering myself, but I don't subscribe to that. I am just proud of myself for being so grown up and sensible.

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