Tuesday, 7 June 2016


How is it June? (I should note that when I first started this post it began 'How is it May? Turns out time will stop for no man, woman or blogger).

I just wanted to let you all know that we are alive ...

Buglet has had her year 12 ball, and has turned 17.

Tink has her first job at a Fish'nChip shop, and is taking the world by storm. She also has purple hair.

The Pixie is the Pixie. I am super proud of her for getting an award for good attitude and leadership in the Elite Sports Program at her school. I am worried that she was confused as to why she would be given an award for good attitude and leadership.

The kittens are now getting along. Pickles grooms Pumpkin an awful lot for an inside kitten. Not sure if Pumpkin smells bad or if Pickles has an incredibly high standard of cleanliness.

Flip-Flop went for a week's holiday with her previous owners while I was in Melbourne (and the girls were dispersed around the country-side).

My youngest niece has gone to long term care with her family (sad for us, but hopefully the best for her long term happiness and we knew she was going to be a temporary placement) ... and a week later my sister gained another little boy (NT Nephew III)!

But that's not all .....

... I am an auntie again! (Again, again. NT Nephew III is the first again, keep reading for the second again).

Pie and OJ have a new little brother (Freddo for blogging purposes. Pie wanted to call him Freddie; his parents disagreed so he will have to make do with it as a blog name).

Not only am I an auntie again twice over ... I am also a Godmother! Freddo's baptism was last Sunday so it is all official and everything.

For those trying to keep up, this makes 6 Godchildren, 3 nieces, 9 nephews, and 1 Godson-nephew (plus the temporary nieflings I've had to let go of physically, but who I keep close to my heart).

And me ... well ... the last few months have been a bit of a roller-coaster!

Work has been busy. Life has been busy. I have a couple of projects on the go which are mostly keeping me out of trouble.

One of aforementioned projects is that I am now Vice President of a fledgling organisation called Chat For Change. If you want to help support us, it would be super awesome if you liked us on Facebook or connected with us on LinkedIn. This paragraph is a blatant attempt at self-promotion. Not that I have done a lot so far, I've only been on board (pun intended) for six months, but I still feel that promoting is the right thing to do.

You will all be pleased to know that I took a week off and run away to Melbourne to hang out with a friend. Was v good just to have some down time. I also bought books. Rather a lot of books. (If you want to see my pictures check out #runningawaywithness on Instragram.https://www.instagram.com/philosophy_minors/).

The other "exciting" thing is that my doctor is of the opinion that I most likely have ankylosing spondylitis. This sounds like a dinosaur, but it is actually an autoimmune arthritisy disease causing chronic pain usually starting in your back. Most people shorten it to AS, but I like saying the whole thing 'cos if you are going to have a nasty disease it is sort of fun to have one that sounds like a dinosaur.

While I haven't had an official diagnosis (because this takes ages), it does explain a whole heap of things. For starters the chronic back pain, but also the fatigue I have been battling even when my iron levels are normal. I will write more about this later, but the whole thing is having a bit of an impact on my life. The fatigue in particular has been messing with me for the last six months, with the worst part being three weeks were I was only awake long enough to work (and still had to nap in my lunch break every day).

Moral of the story: If something doesn't feel quite right. Go to the doctor! I only mentioned it to her because my boss told me I had to tell her about the constant back pain and the Monkey Butler told me I had to tell her about the constant pain in my fingers.

  • It is doubtful I am qualified to give parenting advice, there is still time for me to stuff up.
  • I am really not qualified to give medical advice.
  • I am not even allowed to give legal advice without supervision.
I would recommend finding more reliable sources for any advice of any nature.

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