Monday, 12 January 2015

Working hard to make a living

No. Not me.

Well, I do work hard, but this time it is not me.

I have had some "WTF are they really old enough?" realisations in the last week. I am trying to be a responsible parent and encourage my daughters to learn financial responsibility (and I have lots of plans, travel and otherwise, and they all need to be financed so it really is mutually beneficial).

Tuesday last week I posted this status update on my personal account:
"Slight flaw to my keeping the Pixie last night plan*: having to take her to work with me this morning for a couple of hours. Bonus being that I lent her out to take down Christmas decorations, and read out asset numbers. If she is going to be here she might as well be useful right?"

I only had her with me for an hour before she met Tink and my sister, but in the meantime a friend told me he had some jobs they could do in his office for a couple of hours. I initially thought he was joking. Turns out he was serious. That afternoon Tink and Pixie went and helped take down Christmas decorations and count stock for a few hours. They must have been useful; he kept them a lot longer than I thought he would. I have no idea how explained them. Pixie was very confused by the question on the basis that my colleagues like them being at our office. Well in her world they do, and she could not comprehend how she would not be an asset to any office.

Then Saturday afternoon I helped Buglet write her very first CV. (By help I mean I told her to Google a template, helped her brainstorm what to put in the blanks, and proof read it for her. See. Help. I didn't actually do it for her). And then I took her to drop the CV off. Seriously. Talk about being grown up. Fingers crossed she gets the job. The hours would fit perfectly around her dance schedule and that doesn't happen often.

Saturday night, the girls were hired as waitresses for a friend's engagement party. Once they stopped squabbling they did an awesome job. I was ready to throttle them to start with. This has no real point other than a gentle reminder that I do vaguely attempt to keep it real on here. They all gave that money to me for their Bali fund. Hooray! Maybe some of the "you need to save a certain percentage for yourselves" talk is finally walking.

Sunday we worked hard all day. Tink and Pixie are fundraising to go to a Girl Guide jamboree. Sunday was our first sausage sizzle and we were there from 8am until almost 4pm.

8am: all enthusasitc
Thank you for the support Bunnings!
It is funny watching my vegetarian child be all enthusiastic about squeezing the sausages and watching the fat come out. I suppose when you don't eat them it isn't as gross.

Other forms of amusement for quiet times included crab impersonations (Tink is awesome at this), Pixie pretending to squash peoples heads with tongs (like "holding" the Eiffel Tower type movements); and laughing at Pixie freaking out because Buglet was "squashing" her head. (I don't know, don't ask).

3.30pm: Sleeping Pixie
I think we broke her.
It was worth the long day though. We reached the target we were hoping to reach. Just a few more to go now. In addition to the fundraising making it possible to send the girls, it was also a good way for them to realise the value of working to earn what you do (and hopefully them working out the value of realise how hard I work to support them. I can live in hope.).

Meanwhile. While Buglet was completing her CV, I was finding more space to house books I have acquired and making a much needed start on the pile of "stuff" that has accrued from cleaning other rooms.

I am totally convinced that "ability to creatively find more bookshelf space" is a legitimate addition to my CV. Buglet rolled her eyes when I made that suggestion.

  • I am definitely not qualified to give financial advice.
  • I am definitely not qualified to career advice.
  • It is doubtful I am qualified to give parenting advice, there is still time for me to stuff up.
  • I am not even allowed to give legal advice without supervision.
I would recommend finding more reliable sources for any advice of any nature.
Except finding extra space for bookshelves, and extra space for books on existing shelves. I am great at that.

*rather then going to DB's house with the other two. We'd had a big week and she'd had a few sleepovers and needed some quiet time with Mummy.

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