Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Remote control

No this isn't actually a post about the TV.

Although on a slightly related note, the girls went with DB to visit their great-grandparents for the long weekend, and the TV remote went missing. No children and lack of ability to work the TV was a little sad. Turns out someone put it in the living area nowhere near the TV and in a location I had no cause to go over the weekend. Commonly agreed theory was that it was the Pixie.

Anyway, the subject of today's post is actually for me to touch base about the greater than usual chaos of the last few weeks. For various reasons I have been in the office for insane hours, and still working from home (or dance or Guides!) some nights. This is a temporary situation, but it has meant that I haven't seen much of my children.

Plus they have spent two weekends away. The TV-remoteless weekend, and then last weekend the little two went to a Guide camp.

This has made it hard to blog about them.

It has lead to a couple of delightful conversations though.

Buglet sent me to bed after I was trying to check in and make sure everything was ok in her universe.

Pixie asking if I was going to crash the car because I was so tired (I wasn't that tired). Pixie telling me I needed to call in sick to work so I could sleep.

Tink being very surprised because I was leaving work "early". It was 5.40pm. I officially finish work at 5pm. I think this says something.

The girls don't appear to be feeling abandoned though. Attempts to check in and make sure they are feeling loved has just been met with confusion. Their confusion, not mine. My confusion has usually resulted from talking to the Pixie, but that is just life.

The timing of the girls going away weekends has been perfect. It's meant I can work and sleep without feeling guilty. Massive thanks to Apple for her help in filling some parenting gaps which has made the world of difference.  DB has done some extra running around which has helped too.

But anyway. That was just the background. I thought I would share some useful career advice in case the girls ever decide to combine being a parent with their career. I had to go and speak at a seminar, and here are some useful tips that I learnt that I don't think you will find in conventional public speaking guides:

  1. Be good friends with your neighbours. It makes it  lot less weird when you need to run across the road and ask them to zip you up.
  2. Have an emergency brush hidden away. Teenage children steal brushes and hide them away. Pulling bits of plastic from your hair due to using broken brush while driving is not good for your nerves.
  3. Do NOT pull at loose threads. You may unravel your hem. Sticky tape and/or staplers can be used in an emergency.
  4. Eat lunch. Don't forget. Public speaking is nerve-wracking enough without forgetting to eat and then being shaky due to lack of food.
  5. Sleep. Sleep is good.
  6. Having your hair done a week before you need to go and look important is a massive bonus.
  7. Treat your colleagues with respect. Life is much easier when you work as part of an amazing team. My presentation would have run smoothly without the assistance of a well written list of reminders (not written by me) that included things like "clean jacket", "take pens", and a copy of directions.
Legally Blonde
This is also a look of relief after having survived the seminar, and the week. After I drove home I slept for two hours!

  • It is doubtful I am qualified to give parenting advice, there is still time for me to stuff up.
  • I am not qualified to give advice on public speaking.
  • I am not qualified to give sewing or 
  • I am not even allowed to give legal advice without supervision.
I would recommend finding more reliable sources for any advice of any nature.

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