Friday, 5 June 2015

Birthday Bonanza

We've had three birthdays in the household since last time I have written.

Firstly, I am counting May 2014 as this blogs official start date. There were a couple of early posts in December 2013, but May 2014 was where we really kicked off! Appropriately with a Mothers' Day post. Happy Anniversary to us! I have just realised that this year of blogging means I am now able to share historical blog posts on social media, I feel I have reached a new level of blog maturity.

It has also been 12 months since we got Paris the Yaris. Considering the amount of time we spend in her I think this is definitely worth a mention. This blog would not be the same with the chatting opportunities that being in the car gives us. It does bother me a bit though that after 12 months the Pixie still gets very excited every times she sees another Yaris. I don't care how exciting it is I am still not beeping my horn hello every time I see another Yaris. I don't care if it makes Paris sad.

(Please note, I didn't re-read the early posts in case they make me cringe. Does anyone else hate re-reading what they wrote? My usual reaction is what was I thinking!).

Perhaps more importantly, May was also Buglet's 16th birthday. Not just any old birthday, her 16th birthday! I wrote a lovely, heartfelt post to Buglet last year. I didn't this year. Not that I don't feel lovely, heartfelt things about her, but this year I showed by love with Extreme Cleaning rather then beautiful blog posts.

Look! Birthday muffins on the actual birthday. Bought with love.

I've mentioned before that May was the Month of Domestic Godessing, and Buglet's birthday was the reason for this. When they were little they had a birthday (of the McDonald's variety mostly) pretty much every year. Followed by a big part when they were 12 or 13 (their pick), but then I said no more parties until they were 16 and they've done something little a few friends instead. The plan has always been a big party for 16, a grown-up celebration for 18 (aka no drunken brawls, underage drinking friends etc), and then I would host a final big party for their 21st (Are you all a little bit impressed by my forward thinking? I will let you know how it all works out in 9 years when the Pixie is getting ready to turn 21. Buglet and I have discussed a joint 21st/40th so I do have hopes that my theory is sound).

We did so much cleaning and gardening and sorting; cupboards, boxes, drawers. It feels great to have some massive jobs crossed off my to-do list. Not enough to make this a full-time hobby, but it still felt good.

My mask: it petrified two of my nephews.

Buglet had a 'Masquerade Gala'. Family from 5pm to 7pm followed by her school and dance friends from 7pm to 10pm. We enlisted the help of some super awesome friends with the decorating, and DB did a great job with the food as always.

In the interests of sharing the benefits of my experience with you, here are some of the things I have learnt from this party:
  • You don't put parents' contact details for RSVPs on 16th birthday party invites. Buglet informed me that this caused great amusement with her friends.
  • 'Gala' can be misinterpreted as 'Galah'. 
  • Masks scare toddlers and babies.
  • If people offer to help, accept it. 
  • Don't offer to help if you don't want people to accept 'cos they just might.
  • Teenage girls wear Very High Heels and Very Short Skirts.
  • Ex-husbands may leave scary looking tools at your house if they know teenage boys are going to be there. 
  • They may also do things like sharpen knives using power tools.
  • Don't try and sneak alcohol. You will be caught. Me, not the children. 
  • If you've survived 16 years of parenting, you should get to celebrate too!
Buglet's big tip is to allow your sisters to have their own friends there. Buglet conducted her own negotiations with the Pixie, and the Pixie had two friends and a cousin sleepover on the condition that they didn't harass the "big kids". I think Buglet was less concerned about Tink, but Tink had a friend sleep over and they conducted their own party in the front room with a few other extra kids. Pixie and her entourage partied in the play room, and a fun time was had by all.

t was a great night. It was lovely to celebrate the early part with people who have love us and have helped Buglet grow into the person she is today, and Buglet's friends seemed to have a great time too. Saying this, back-to-back parties are exhausting. Especially when followed by a post-party de-brief with one or two of my friends and the girls' friends who slept over!

I spent the post-party day in bed. Literally. I only got out of bed to eat left over party food, and for other necessities and actually spent most of the day asleep. Particularly impressive as there were six girls that got picked up at random points during the day. I got up at 5.30pm to do a quick tidy, but was back in bed (in clean pyjamas!) by 7pm. So, so worth it!

Buglet sneakily invited DB around for breakfast on her birthday so that I wouldn't take photos or anything before she was dressed and all 'presentable'. Her theory being that if we were waiting until he got there to do presents and muffins she would be able to get up and get ready. The little two were a bit sorry they didn't think of this.

The girls on the birthday morning.
PS: Future posts relating to bits I wanted to include in this but decided it would make the post way to long: Scouts, performing arts, Pixie on birthdays, remembering what you've said to your children,
and 'it takes a village'. Intrigued? Keep following!

  • It is doubtful I am qualified to give parenting advice, there is still time for me to stuff up.
  • I am not qualified to give event planning advice.
  • I have no idea what is trending in the real world.
  • I am not even allowed to give legal advice without supervision.
I would recommend finding more reliable sources for any advice of any nature.

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