Monday, 1 December 2014

Good Mama Moments (mostly)

I had so much fun with my first Good Mama, Bad Mama post that I decided to do it again.

Because I have no imagination, here is my fourth effort. Please free feel to comment with your own highs and lows of your parenting week.

No-one is perfect, and it is good to remember that. Plus overall I think I do ok.

I may also have been inspired by similar type posts on other blogs.


Good Mama Moment (GMM): Not stressing that Buglet stayed at DB's the night before her camp.

GMM (and Good Guide Leader Moment (GGLM)): Find her kit list and realising (again) that she has this packing business sussed.

NSGM: Getting a phone call from the high school about some inappropriate teasing the Pixie was involved in on orientation day. Especially sad, because I had been proud of her.

GMM: Making it to a parent meeting on time, with DB. We may have been the last ones to arrive, but we were there.

NSGM: Missing a phone call from school. Calling back, and leaving a message with the front office lady that if it was an emergency to please call their father, and if not please leave a message because I was walking into court. (I did say it very nicely. The front office lady was lovely).

NSGM: Being very grumpy with the girls for fighting after a shocking day.

GMM: Dropping Tink (and friend) at school because they had to get their early for a soccer thing. Letting Buglet take the Pixie to McDonald's for a second breakfast so they weren't hanging around school for ages. The second bit may be a bit questionable.

GMM: Asking Mrs Bee and Apple to tell Buglet to take a jacket to her river cruise in the hope that she will listen to them when she won't listen to me.

GMM: Making it home in time to see Buglet before her cruise, not crying too obviously, and getting all three girls to where needed to be (thanks Apple).

NSGM: Getting an emergency call from Buglet because she needed knickers without holes. Teenaged daughter going out in a short dress with inappropriate underwear feels like a fail on so many levels.

NSGM: Tink's table making lots of noise while a special guest was being interviewed at the Soccer Academy of Excellence dinner.

GMM: Being the parent who got up to tell them to be quiet. Just before a teacher did. Tink was quiet after that.

NSGM: Laughing at Buglet for having sore feet after dancing all night. Her comment roll eyes: "I am a dancer, Mother. I am used to sore feet.

GMM: Driving the girls to school because of thunderstorms, music day (so the little two have instruments to carry), and sore feet.

NSGM: A message from Apple telling me that Tink had been rude enough in the car she had been requested to walk to the last bit.

NSGM: Finally returning the missed call from Tuesday. Turns out Tink had made a bad decision academically.

GMM: Telling Tink to write apology letters to the affected parties.

NSGM/GMM: Hiding in my room and giving myself an early night. I was so tired I felt broken. Pixie wasn't home, and I think the other two supported my decision. I am torn! I feels like a fail, but sometimes Mamas need to look after themselves first.

GMM (and awesome ex-wife moment): Taking Tink and the Pixie on a road trip to see DB before Tink left for Singapore.

Brave Mama Moment: Letting Buglet stay home so she could babysit on Saturday night (on the proviso she slept at Mrs Bee's house!)

Good Godmother Moment (GGM): Fulfilling my duties as a member of my Goddaughter's cheersquad.

GGM: Taking my super tired Godson home early so his mother could watch the last of the concert (this may have been of benefit to me to. It was a great night, but I was so tired).

NSGM: Falling asleep and missing helping the rest of the kids settling into bed.

Hmmm. Possibly a GMM? Teaching them how to love reading?
And how not to be grumpy when you wake up and find people have taken pictures of you?

GMM: Being super proud of Tink for making sure all the kids felt included.

GMM: Making it home in time for the dance school wind up.

GMM: Tink deciding to stay home from choir practice because she won't be there for the performance. Telling Buglet she doesn't have to be in the choir if she really doesn't want to. Super happy she decided to though! It would be nice to have one of the girls there!

GMM/GGLM: Tink having her packing totally sussed.

GMM: Getting making sure Tink can actually sew before I sent her off on her first overseas trip (her exact words were "well enough. I can make it stick together. Sounds good to me!).

  • Do not attempt a similar post unless you are sure it will work out to be an overall positive. You do not want to end up feeling worse about yourself.
  • It is doubtful I am qualified to give parenting advice, there is still time for me to stuff up.
  • I am not even allowed to give legal advice without supervision.
I would recommend finding more reliable sources for any advice of any nature.

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