Thursday, 11 December 2014

Sixty seconds

Today, one family in Perth is living a nightmare. They are grieving for the loss of their son. Their story isn't mine to tell, but yesterday I watched as a city grieved. I heard the murmurs around the office when the official update was released saying that his body had been found. I saw the facebook posts as people sent love out across the internet to all those affected by the tragedy.

My heart ached for the parents, the family, the friends, the hundreds of people who had been out searching, for the village that looked for this child as their own, for the tradie who may have left the door open and will have to live with "what if" forever.

My heart ached for all those who have lost babies and children, those for whom this story must have reopened wounds.

I sat at work, desperate to go home and hold my babies tightly. 

Today's story wasn't unique. Sadly, way too many parents lose their children every day, in a variety of forms and for a myriad of reasons, and my heart aches for those families too.

Sam's story struck a chord, because it could have so easily been me. It could have so easily been any of us.

Sixty seconds is all it takes.

Sixty seconds is all it took.

I can still feel the physical symptoms of the fear I felt when Tink went missing as a 22-month-old. Too little to know boundaries, but with a 4 year old sister who could open doors. A sister who was too young to understand the possible consequences. She was ok. She had curled up asleep between the couch and a bookcase. I was one of the lucky ones. It could have so easily been me. I think most parents will have their own story to tell.

There are no words to say. This post is redundant, it is pointless, but I still felt compelled to write it. 

To me this is a reminder. To hold this family, and all grieving families, in my heart and my prayers. To do my bit to make the world a better place. Love, care, bring joy. And to always be grateful for what I have; often the alternative is too scary to contemplate. 

Be kinder than you need to be, you never know what battle those you come across may be facing.

Lighting a candle and taking sixty seconds to remember and pray.

RIP Sam.

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