Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Yep. It is that time of the year again. Dancing is finished. Guides is finished. Soccer is finished. My brain goes into holiday mode. I go nuts with the thought of all this free time and being able to make plans on weeknights.

Nuts is the right word. I promptly lose all sense of organisational skills and massively overbook myself.

In the last week or so I have hosted two party plan parties* (demonstrations? Whatever the word is that I am supposed to use) for two of my lovely friends. I have been a leader with the Girl Guide Choir (not with my usual unit, this is a once a year job with a different group of girls) and taken 15 young Guides to the Christmas Pageant. I've taken Tink and the Pixie down south. I've been on a pub crawl, end of year wind-ups, medical appointments, and some school events.

I have totally failed to get my eyebrows done even though that just means walking across the road.

I have also signed [I don't know how many school] forms for various events**.

The end result of this is that I am totally shattered, even busier than normal, and I am constantly feeling like I have forgotten something.

The stupid thing is that I do this every year. Maybe 2015 will be different? I will be heaps grown up by this time next year.

So here are the key highlights so I remember that I have actually done stuff and it hasn't just been a blur. There may be some proper blog posts later, but there may not be.

  • I have had some wonderful times! I have caught celebrated the end of year with people who I enjoy working and playing with. I have got to wear a Santa hat. 
  • My beautiful baby sister turned 18. We went to the Casino on a Monday night and I felt suitably rebellious. (Mum said I wouldn't go because it was a work night. She clearly has a better opinion of my work ethic than I do. How often do you have a sister turn 18?! Only one more to go for me. I admit I didn't drink though. My work ethic must not be too bad then).
  • Tink came home from Singapore and had a super wonderful time. More about that later. She is going to do a guest blog.
  • Tink did remember presents and didn't get Ebola (the Pixie's two main concerns).
  • I took Flip-Flop to the beach and managed to tire her out so much she didn't wake up when I ate a McMuffin.

* Important to note that as part of this I have not remembered to plan in any cleaning time. Cleaning is very important before hosting functions. Also something I should learn.

**I should really keep track of school notes better. I got a frantic phone call from the Pixie the other day asking if Buglet could sign a permission form to watch a PG movie. I said sure and asked Buglet to "pp" it for me and put my mobile on there. Apparently the teacher was highly amused.

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