Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Bubble wrapped babies

I am the sort of mother who believes children should be allowed to ride bikes, climb trees, eat dirt, experiment in the kitchen, play on trampolines, and explore the bush. I am vocal in my belief that I am bringing up confident, self-respecting, independent, happy women who contribute to society, not spineless, whingy jellyfish (No disrespect to jellyfish intended. I don't know any personally and I am sure that there are lots of non-whingy jellyfish. I also acknowledge that spines are not necessary for a jellyfishy way of life).

I am thinking about changing this philosophy. 

My children keep getting broken. I keep taking them to the hospital thinking it is nothing and turns out it is something.

In 2012, our dance teacher banned the girls from going to my parents' place after a cracked tailbone and a badly injured knee occurred at her place badly affecting Buglet's dancing. (Hey, there are lots of kids it happens. Not Mum's fault. I am not sure if the teacher was joking.)
Result: Dance Concert 2012 Buglet danced with a broken tail bone.

The next year this was the result of a slip in the kitchen (no running, nothing dramatic, just a fall).
Result: Dance Concert 2013 Buglet didn't dance, but helped backstage instead.

Broken Buglet - 2013
Ankle injuries were the big problem last year, mostly stemming from an accident at a camp in 2013.
Result: Dance Concert 2014 Buglet danced but did the pointe routines in demi.

Sidenote: I should also say here how proud I am of Buglet. She does all the right things when she is injured to prevent further issues, and she has made some pretty grown up decisions about dancing because of it.

This last week has been full of issues.

Pixie crying: Mama!!! I've burnt myself?
Me: How?
Pixie: I sat on hair-straighteners!
Me: How badly? 
Pixie: I don't know. It's on my butt, and I can't see my butt.
Me: Can you ask Buglet to look?
Pixie: Nooooooooo. I don't want anyone seeing my butt!
Me: Do you want me to come home?
Pixie: Nooooooo.
Me: Do you want Apple?
Pixie: Noooooo!
Me: Have a shower and then have a nap.

She did send a picture, but the picture is clearly not blog appropriate. It is the top of her thigh, rather than her actual bottom, and it is healing nicely after a few days of angst. Am I an awful parent because I was trying very hard to not laugh while she was on the phone? It was a very sad injury, but she was just so cute when I was dealing with her!

Over the Australia Day weekend Buglet and Tink went to camp. Late Saturday night I got a phone call saying that they were taking Buglet to hospital with chest pains and breathing problems. It was muscular, and she is ok. My feelings were bruised though, apparently a hoodie and denim shorts are not appropriate for hospitals if you want medical staff to recognise you as the child's mother. Buglet says its my own fault. I am pretty sure putting on the first clothes you see in those sorts of circumstances is appropriate. We agreed to disagree.

I pick up the girls from camp.

This is Tink's first status update: First thing I do when I get home from camp is accidentally punch Pixie in the face giving her a blood nose! Whoops sorry Pixie".

This is mine: "Happiness is having all my babies home again ... And all unbroken (Buglet was fine the rest of camp) ... Until Tink accidentally gave the Pixie a blood nose when she was woken up suddenly ... 'Cos nothing is ever boring aroudn here!". I think those quotes sum it up pretty nicely. The blood nose reoccurred at the fireworks that night just to liven up the night of the First Aid Officers.

So back to thinking that bubble wrapping babies is a great plan. It's not too late to change my parenting philosophy is it?

  • It is doubtful I am qualified to give parenting advice, there is still time for me to stuff up.
  • I am not even allowed to give legal advice without supervision.
I would recommend finding more reliable sources for any advice of any nature.

'It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.' ~ Ann Landers


  1. Not your fault! Adventurous children get broken sometimes. Love the butt burn.

    1. So true! ... I know it is true ... please feel free to keep repeating it though. Very easy to forget sometimes!