Monday, 20 April 2015

Bouncing by

Like a ball ... or an Easter bunny.

Yep, this is my greatly delayed Easter post. For my regular readers (hello!) my work life has changed back to normal levels of business after the five weeks of absolute insanity, and after the choir performance and legitimate soap box moment on Saturday, my Guide life has gone back to normal too. (Soap boxing and choir will get a post of its own later).

So ... finally back to Easter.

We had a good one! I've written about our Good Friday Fremantle adventures separately, but I did have a particularly proud moment.  My heart may have swelled with pride over the cry of "Look Mama! A selfie with books". Our official family motto is "There Is No Such Thing As Too Many Books". Tink decided this at about the same time as she created our family coat of arms.

Back to the rest of Easter. This year was the first Easter Buglet has been home ages. The last three years she has been camping with one of her friends.

She has grown up.


Buglet informed me that as they all know there is no such the Easter Bunny (I told you not to read it? Who told my children such travesties), that she should hide the eggs this year because "you will have more fun looking for them than I will, Mother". Oh. Ok. Fair enough. To be honest, I had a great time looking for them! Buglet said hiding them wasn't as much fun as she had thought though so, who knows, I may get to be the parent again next year.

Our Easter tradition is that we give pyjamas as a house family for Easter. It means the girls can pick out whatever they want for me, I can give them something (because the Easter Bunny leaves the eggs!), and that we all have something new to wear which is a very old Easter tradition. Practically, it also means they have new winter pyjamas.

Easter pyjamas and bed socks
Tink, me and Pixie, Buglet

Because I am the world's best ex, I took the girls to visit DB at work for dinner on Easter Sunday. 

Daddy's Angels

Because I am the world's worst mother, I may have worn my lovely leopard print pyjamas to dinner.

Pixie had been grumpy with me all day because I had insisted on wearing my Awesome Red Hat. I kept teasing her and telling her that I was going to wear it all day. I had driven up to Boddington in my pyjama pants (because they were comfy), but I had intended on changing. I told the Pixie I was going to wear them to dinner just to tease. DB said I could wear pyjamas, but I couldn't wear my Awesome Red Hat. I decided to pick the pyjamas. He also said I would not be the only one in the pub in pyjama pants, and he was right! Pixie was so mortified that when I sent her sisters outside for fighting she went to because "I don't want to be seen with the pyjama lady". It was a nice quiet 5 minutes. 

Dinner at the pub ...
 and they think I am the embarrassing one!

I am pretty good at trying to not embarrass the girls, but sometimes, just sometimes I can't help myself.

Awesome Red Hat

My hat is awesome. I don't know why the Pixie hates it. Example below (in case you missed in on Facebook).

I found the Pixie wandering around in my Awesome Red Hat.

Me *happy*: Aw. You are wearing my hat!
Pixie *smiling sweetly*: I am going to hide it so you can never wear it again.

Luckily my evil fairy child hid it on the hat stand. Sneaky! 

  • It is doubtful I am qualified to give parenting advice, there is still time for me to stuff up.
  • I am not an expert on Easter traditions.
  • My children tell me I should not be allowed to give fashion advice.
  • I am not even allowed to give legal advice without supervision.
I would recommend finding more reliable sources for any advice of any nature (except possibly on book choices, but then, please take at your own risk).


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    1. Why thank you!

      (Do you mean the post or my Awesome Red Hat? I am just going to pretend you mean the post and swoon at feedback from a Published Author :) )

  2. Ha ha i wondered if you were going to wear your pj pants !