Friday, 12 September 2014

And time goes marching on

When I told the Pixie that our facebook blog page had reached 195 followers she was very surprised. "I didn't know you had been writing on the blog Mummy, because I haven't done anything funny recently". Leaving aside the fact that clearly the Pixie does not suffer from low self esteem, you all know that she has been keeping us well supplied with facebook posts even if I was having a bit of hiatus from actual blogging.

But just in case anyone else was worried about a lack of material, when I was finding the picture of my bookcase for my last post I came across a few facebook updates from March before I was blogging.

Today we are wandering down memory lane and back to March 2014 for these special moments where I wonder where these children came from ......
Thoughts on the universe ......
Pixie: "Mama. Can I ask a question about a baby in it's mummy's tummy? Does a baby rhino's horn scratch it's mummy's insides?"
Pixie: "Buglet is the dancer. Tink is the singer-soccer-player. You are the mama-lawyer-type-person. Flip-Flop and Pixie are the awesome ones." ..... "I fell like a ninja. Did you see me fall like a ninja? Tell Apple. I am the ninja clumsy one!"

Pixie: "Flip-Flop has a puppy tail and I have a pony tail".

Pixie: "When Daddy was young and cool did he really drive a red car?"

Pixie: "Daddy has a six-pack. He just has it well wrapped with bubble wrap to keep it safe."
Tink: "I've been thinking. We have a rabbit who eats leftover fruit and vegies. We have Flip-Flop who eats most other leftovers. Flip-Flop doesn't eat 100s & 1000s though, or even fairy bread unless Georgia gives it to her. We need to get a unicorn to eat 100s & 1000s."

Life lessons ......

Pixie: "Don't kiss Flip-Flop when she is awake. She tries to lick you .... And don't lick her when she is wet."
Pixie: Next time you are stressed and can't sleep, Mama, you should flutter your eyes really fast until they are too tired to stay open.
Me *wondering why she doesn't do this*: If it works for you baby-girl.
 Pixie: This is what I do if I am going to have a big day. I saw Flip-Flop do it so I thought it would work for me too.
Explaining family structure to Buglet ie second cousins etc
Pixie: You should explain this at midday. It is too early in the morning and too late at night to understand.
*conversation continues*
Pixie: I had a wart once removed.
 Buglet: No you didn't.
 Pixie: Ok. That was a lie. But Tink has a wart twice removed.
Irony is the Pixie whispering to me that "mums must get sore ears" after observing some beautiful toddlers chatting to their gorgous mama.
Tink: I don't know what I did but my ankle hurts so [the dance teacher] said to take it easy.
Pixie: You need to pick another body part to break. Buglet's already claimed that one
Apparently we have a one broken body part per person rule.
Pixie on the Olave Program (Girl Guides aged 18-30): "You can make s'mores by yourself in your own oven and roast marshmellows, and no-one can tell you you have had too many. And if you eat a bug it's your own responsibility and you don't have to fill in paperwork".
Those special "only Pixie" moments .....
*runs in panicked at about 10.30pm*: Mama! Mama! I accidentally woke Buglet up like this *claps hands* "Time to get up! Time to get up!" Now she thinks it's morning. She said "I want to go back to sleep" and rolled over. What shall I say?!
"Who knew when we decided to get the Flip-Flop-puppy that she'd be just like an Pixie".
Me: I love cupcakes.
Pixie: Everyone loves cupcakes.
Me: You can't buy happiness but you can buy cupcakes and that kinda the same thing.
Pixie: Mother!!! "Kind of" not "kinda".
Me: Hmm. You are my rat-baby. I will never have another one like you.
Pixie: You can't get a Pixie, but you can get a Flip-Flop and that's kinda the same thing.
Me: You do realise you are not a dog right?
*Pixie snaps*
Me: Pixie! No biting. You are *not* allowed to bite.
 Pixie: That's what Apple says too.
Me: Oh good.
You know you are a mother ....
"When you have:
1. Burnt around the edge of a tea-stained poster to make it look authentically old;
2. Mediated at least two arguments;
3. Paid bills;
4. Reiterated to a child that she is not allowed to lick people, or snap at people, and that she is not a dog or a llama;
5. Co-ordinated four people going three different directions for a day;
6. Done a load of washing; and
7. Done half an hour study
All before making it to the office at 7:30am! Who said parenting doesn't have transferable skills?"
When trouble sleeping is not because of you ...
"Reasons Pixie is having trouble sleeping: her eyes are open.
 Reasons I am having trouble sleeping :Pixie's eyes are open*.
 *This means there is someone poking the site of the flu shot; someone singing Kum-by-ya at me, and somone patting me and complaining that "you are not squishy anymore Mama".
When you have to post facebook statuses like this .....
"Tonight's public service announcements:
If you get a text from my number from "the awesome one" it is most probably not from me.
I apologise for giving the Little One unsupervised access to my phone.
In case you were wondering, you are not allowed to text and fly".
Phone calls with my children ......
Me: How was you [first] clarinet lesson?
Pixie: Great.
Me: Did you make any noise?
Pixie *excited*: Yes. I sounded like a dying cat. The teacher said "good one, I am going to use that".
Me: Have my [car] parts arrived yet?
Tink: No *pause* it's been a while, you might want to follow up on that.
She has no faith in me and Buglet only loves me because I said she could have the last can of tuna
Conversations with the Pixie:
*How she resembles a llama.
*That she is planning on naming her daughters after Disney princesses.
*Whether bribing her with cupcakes counts as persuasive writing.
*T-rexes are carnivorous, but A-rexes are herbivores.
*I need to tell her she's not allowed to buy things from hawkers so she is never sucked in.
*Poverty and distribution of wealth
*teasing the girls about no-one wanting my surname*.
Tink: All good Mum. I will use your name too. Then I will have one first name, two middle names, and three last names.
Squashed by the Middling One ..... Again!!!!
And lucky last .....
Pixe: "I was born an original. You know like when you print on paper? I am the one with the smudge on it."
I love my babies and all their smudges! And I think I am pretty safe to have lots of blogging material for quite a while. Happy Friday everyone xx
Pixie's March picture: Hiccup




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