Thursday, 18 September 2014

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Blues gonna win there's no doubt about it!

Conveniently they did or I would have had to think of a new title to today's post. This was also the source of much parental fail as both DB and I missed seeing the Pixie accept the shield as a faction caption.

Obviously it is about doing your best and having fun, this just happens to be my favourite chant from when I was a very enthusiastic cheerer at school sports days. So enthusiastic that I was awarded the Sportsmanship Award one year despite having no athletic ability whatsoever.

This year was my last ever primary school sports day as a parent. I was a bit worried that I might not be able to attend due to work commitments. The Pixie's response? "That is ok, its going to be boring anyway". Humph. Luckily I was able to go, and Pixie woke up on the morning of the sports carnival with "Mama! It's today? Are you excited?". This is much better! She also gave me a cuddle make sure that wasn't too sad. She has been told before that she is not allowed to ruin my being sad moments because they are getting too big. That is a parent's privilege.

The night before her enthusiasm levels were up. She messaged DB to make sure that he understood how these things worked.

Pixie: Remember I'm in blue faction so don't come in green red or gold Pixie G
DB: Ok green it is
Pixie: Dad! BLUE

He obviously teased her enough she was concerned about me.

Pixie: Do you want me to paint your nails? *looks at my fake nails in disgust* I can't paint those.
Me: You can paint my toenails?...
Pixie: Will you wear thongs?
Me: No.
Pixie: You can wear blue eyeshadow instead.

Sports carnivals are important. But I would like it on the record that I have never missed a sports carnival and I have always worn blue! DB on the other hand struggles a little. I blame him and his mostly blue Hawaiian shirt for the big girls banning me from the high school sports day. According to Buglet I am only allowed to go if I have a baby to bring and be cute. I don't want to go enough to have another baby.

We take faction colours seriously
While the important bit for the kids is that they are out there and having fun, the important bit for me as a parent is that is the one day of school year I have always been there for. I am there. I cheer enthusiastically (too enthusiastically if you ask the girls). I take pictures. To me this was particularly important when all three of them were at the school. I got to be there for all of them which was nice.

When they were little I somehow managed to be the parent-most-in-charge-of-walking-children-to-the-bathroom. The last few years it has been my annual day for assisting the P&C; I help on the sausage sizzle. It would not be far from the truth to say years of Guiding has helped with both these contributions!

I do appreciate that one day isn't much contribution to the amazing work that the P&C does. But it makes me feel slightly better. Other selfish bonuses: it gives me something to do when Pixie isn't doing anything; Pixie doesn't want to talk to me anyway she just wants me there; it means I don't have to listen to DB complaining about being bored or about Pixie not wanting to talk to him or me not wanting to talk to him. Joys of teenager(ish) people! Moral of the story: Everyone should help the P&C.

Another annual tradition is Pixie getting Subway as my vegetarian baby doesn't eat sausage sizzles. I know I've posted this on facebook, but it still makes me laugh too much not to share again.

Me: I will drop you at school and then go to Subway. What would you like?
Pixie: Capsicum, tomato, lettuce, carrot, cheese. I wrote it down but I lost it.
Me: Is there anything you don't like?
Pixie: Figs.
Me: I don't think they have figs.
Pixie: You didn't say that. You said "is there anything you don't like" and I don't like figs.
Me: Have you ever had a fig?
Pixie: No. But I don't like them.

Sports carnivals also gave me one of my most valuable parenting lessons: Doesn't matter what you are there for, they will always remember the thing you missed. Deal with it.

I may still remember the fact my mum missed the time my sisters, best friend, and I won the Year 7 relay even though our team was made up of two year 7 students, 1 year 6 and a Year 4. That moment across the finish line was brilliant.

Officially, the end of another era.


  1. You can borrow my babies for the buglet and tink sports carnival!

    1. Its a date for 2015! That will show them. We will be a great cheer squad!