Sunday, 14 September 2014

Extreme Sports

Socialising is a sport right? If not I need a new name for this blog post.

This weekend has been dedicated to socialising, baby cuddles, eating, and walking (See! Walking! I knew I would get to an exercise bit eventually).

Part 1: Friday night
About three months ago I was chatting to a friend and we had the realisation that neither of us have seen Game of Thrones and that we both were often free on Friday nights. Since that conversation we acquired the series, and proceeded to become very busy on Friday nights. No, not watching the series, doing other things. Friday night we watched the first episode! I have read the first book, the other two haven't read it. Opinion was inconclusive, we decided we needed to repeat the experiment. There was also a super yummy dinner, cupcakes, and baby cuddles.

Food: Spinich & ricotta raviolli, cupcakes
Babies cuddled: Two (Friday night baby and I got long cuddles with a baby at work).
Walking: Very fast the the train station, because I was running late due to the brilliant idea to get cupcakes.

Part 2: Saturday morning
I collected the big girls from the train station (they spent last night at my mum's hanging out with my youngest sister after going to Youth Group), dropped Buglet off at dancing (she teaches most of Saturday), and picked up the Pixie from her sleepover (by picked up I mean I met her at the shopping centre where her friend's mum works), did a speed food shop, picked up Flip-Flop and dropped off the shopping, dropped the little two off at dancing, and took Flip-Flop to the beach. Are you keeping up?

Flip-Flop is not so sure about having to share her beach with other dogs, but she was very good. Hopefully she will learn to cope. As the weather is warming our days of having the beach to ourselves is over until next year I think.

Food: One of those sticky bun thing and a V (my breakfasts are usually much healthier).
Babies cuddled: Mine!
Walking: Beach walking, and even some running. (And the girls' danced!)

Part 3: Saturday afternoon
Flip-Flop and I picked up the Pixie.

We had a two hour nap.

Pixie informed me that she needed a faction t-shirt before Tuesday, so there was a speed shopping trip before picking up Buglet and Tink from dance.

Food: Pixie very excitedly told me that she'd had "study food" (aka lollies and chocolate) with B when they had done their assignment the day before. Oops. Teaching my babies bad habits.
Babies cuddled: Pixie while we were napping.
Walking: Speed shopping counts!

Part 4: Saturday evening
We went for a sleepover at our friends' property in Serpentine.

Pixie and I went on a walk, but the big girl bailed as they both had sore ankles (Buglet from an ongoing dance injury which sometimes appears at convenient moments, but she had been dancing all day. Tink got hurt at soccer on Wednesday, and she looked v disappointed).

Pixie took lots of photos so we will break here from writing for a pictorial account ....

Look Pie! Mummy said there is a bunyip in here.

You know you are a trusted friend when you are allowed to cross a creek while carrying the baby!
(No babies were injured or got wet in the making of this picture. My sneakers got a bit wet)

Tink! Buglet! That's the forrest where I was chased by a wolf!
(Some exagerations were used in the making of this story)

Pixie managed not to get eaten by wolves, bunyips or cows.

See! Real extreme adventuring! Pixie also touched an electric fence (under her Auntie J's supervision). I will post the video to the facebook page.

We went back to watch the Docker lose what is now their last game of the season. We distracted ourselves with cooking, champagne, and marshmallows.

Food: I helped decorate rainbow cupcakes. They are so pretty. I am very messy with 100s & 1000s.
Babies cuddled: Lots with OJ, not so many with Pie (No Cath!).
Walking: Extreme adventuring cuddling the baby.

Part 5: Sunday morning
Woken up by Pie. I forget how early toddler wake up!

Buglet bought him into bed to wake up Pixie and me. Pixie's only comment was "that's my God-cousin" and she rolled over and went to sleep. Yep. She is almost a teenager.

We were honoured to attend the OJ's baptism today, and to witness him be surrounded by the love of his family and friends as he was welcomed into God's family.

Tink earnt her title as the Toddler Whisperer, and all three girls were super helpful at the morning tea afterwards. A total brag moment, but I am very proud of them.

Food: Soooooo much! And it was super yummy.
Babies cuddled: We had to share. I did get a cuddle with another toddler though and we discussed cake and favourite animals.
Walking: Um. I stood around in heels a lot?

Part 6: The rest of Sunday
The girls went to DB's this afternoon. I slept, and gardened, and folded clothes while watching The Block. Now I should be filing, but I am blogging instead!

Food: Takeaway - because no girls.
Babies cuddled: Flip-Flop - because no girls (she misses them too).
Walking: To and from the bin with weeds. I probably should have moved the bin. Also - because no girls (otherwise they could have carried them).

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend too! xx


  1. Should have moved the bin further away!

    1. Well .. that would also have had some benefit. I got extra exercise from panicking every time the dog disappeared.