Friday, 5 September 2014

Happily Ever After .....

So after being distracted by being sick for a week, I then spent a week with a very pleasant distraction ... being bridesmaid for my primary school best friend's wedding! I love weddings and I was so honoured to be there beside her on such a wonderful occasion.

Since then I have been procrastinating from writing because I have be-yoo-tiful fake nails. I am not coping well with typing though, and considering that is what I do for a living it means I am a little sick of typing by home time. This will also mean that there will probably be a lot of typos in this post. Sorry.

Check out the picture! (Also because it was the only one I took all day. The other pictures in this blog are courtesy of one of the other gorgeous bridesmaids).

Limo, pretty nails, gorgeous dress, and champagne = feeling very glamorous!

Just so you know it isn't all about me, the Entourage was also invited to the wedding. This firmly shifted the focus to them. Much discussion must had when attending weddings to make sure (a) you don't clash with your sisters; (b) you are all wearing different hair styles; and (c) to determine if you are going to wear the same jewellery or not. For those of you not aware of the rules, apparently matching jewellery is an all or nothing thing. If only two of you agree it is not ok!

They were so good. Pixie was a bit anxious that she'd have problems with buffet and vegetarian food, but the venue staff came up asked if she was the Pixie and helped her. We were both very impressed with the service! Then they partied the night away .....

My bootscootin' babies
Confession time. I did have a bit of a bad-mama-moment. Buglet wanted to go to bed early, and I sent her off. Luckily there was one adult in her life looking out for her and his God-uncle duties and pointed out that was a bad idea. Oops. He also escorted her safely to her room.

I also had a bit of a panic at the end because I went to collect their place cards and they weren't there (Um, I may have my priorities a bit wrong compared to the Buglet bit of this story, but I love keepsakes).

Turns out that Tink had already collected all of theirs, and then gone to get mine, and my bombominere, and my bridesmaid flowers .... and the "wedding bouquet". Yes that's right, my most awkward moment of the night ladies and gentlemen  ..... I had told the bride in no uncertain terms that I was going up. I am divorced. I feel this should exclude me. I forgot to tell the groom this. I then also got a bit carried away in the heat of the moment.

Tink: Oh. That is awkward. Mummy said she was going to cry if she caught the bouquet.

Luckily I was laughing too hard.

6am to 2am, from the day beginning with a buffet (and Coco Pops!) to after reception drinks and snuggles with Tink and Pixie (Buglet got her own bed - long story, she got a bit grouchy when we woke her up at midnight), it was a fabulous day.

I did have a Pixie-is-my-child-and-not-just-her-father's-daughter moment. I was super excited that the buffet had Coco Pops on the Saturday morning. This was Pixie on the Sunday ....

Pixie: What is for breakfast?
Me: It's a buffet.
Pixie: Are there cornflakes?
Me: I had cocoa pops yesterday so maybe?
Pixie: That would make it the best buffet ever.

See! I am not the only one who is easily excited.

Massive thank you to DB for getting the girls ready in the morning, my sister for driving them to the ceremony and then dropping them at the hotel, J & S for hanging out with them between wedding and reception and for getting them to the reception, the awesome bridesmaids for a fun wedding lead up, the rest of the bridal party for a great day, and most importantly to "Auntie B and that Scottish Man" for having us all there, for letting us be a part of your day and for everything.

I will let the Pixie have the last say on weddings ... she will like that plus her argument for everything this wedding was "it's my God-mothe so I get to pick" .... "You might get wine, Mama, but we get chocolate .... And we get *five* each".

Wishing you all much love and laughter, and that you find your own happily every after xxx

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