Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Off, off, and away!

This week it is the Pixie's turn to go gallivanting.

For those of you who follow us on facebook, you would have seen the early morning over-excited posts about the Pixie being "verra grumpy" that "everyone in this house is always asleep". I still maintain that this is reasonable for a Sunday morning. She was welcome to get up and pack for herself but, as she had all day, sleeping seemed welcome to the rest of us!

Despite not being thrilled about being woken for early morning conversations, I am still massively proud of my Little One. She packed all by herself. When I asked if she wanted me to double checked she promptly informed me that she had gone through all the kit list twice and she had everything.

She later told me that she had four pairs of shoes, because "you need choice you know Mama". Now I am wondering what she didn't take in the quest to have clothing choices. I told her she will need to redress her packing habits before the next time we go on a holiday. I suspect she rolled her eyes at me, but I wisely didn't look.

Tink has been known to re-write kit lists she has been given by other organisations, because she hasn't thought they were adequate, but I don't think she has ever added in things purely to have an option.

In case you are like me and didn't realise the importance of dressing appropriately at camp, I will share with you the following:
  • The Pixie had a bit of a melt down when her newly dyed blue hair washed out and she had to re-do it;
  • The Pixie negotiated doing jobs around the house so she could buy some "new, cool t-shirts for camp"; and
  • I had a phone call mid-meeting on Sunday to discuss whether now she had done half the jobs she should stop and pack because "folding clothes can wait until later, but I only have today to pack". I congratulated her on making responsible life decisions.
"Pixie dipped in smurf"
"After a weekend with Daddy"
The Guide leader in me repeated numerous times "don't forget you need to be able to carry everything yourself". The mother in me desperately wanted to carry everything for her. Miss Pixie insisted on carrying everything herself, because the teachers said she had to (no Guide-leader-Mama influence cited). Just a little bit proud. It does make me happy when the Pixie is self-sufficient because she is so dependant on her sisters and me so much of the time! (It is a bit ironic really that I have spent most of Tink's life wishing she wasnt' so independent. Apparently there is no keeping me happy.)

Miss Independent: My chick (temporarily) leaving the nest.

One last useful camp tip provided the Pixie include: Write your number on the back of your hand so you don't forget when the teachers call "Sound off".

A very Pixie solution
I did have stern words with Pixie about camp not being a holiday for the teachers so to appreciate them and be good. Possibly more fun than teaching in class (well I would think so anyway!) but it is still work. She was not convinced. I told her that if she becomes a Guide leader she will understand. She was not convinced about that either.

It is a very quiet week at our house. We are all paying lots of attention to the puppy, and eating lots of meat.

So Bali for me a week or so ago (it feels a lot longer!), camp for the Pixie this week, Singapore for Tink next month ... we are having some adventures ... and ... I am planning a lot more. If you want a sneak peak at my latest project check out Kris' Angels or find us on facebook.

Meanwhile spend some time planning your next adventure whether it is just down the road or the other side of the world. It really is lots of fun.

Happy adventuring everyone!

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