Monday, 24 November 2014

The week that was aka GMM/NSGM

I had so much fun with my last Good Mama, Bad Mama post that I decided to do it again.

Because I have no imagination, here is my third effort. Please free feel to comment with your own highs and lows of your parenting week.

No-one is perfect, and it is good to remember that. Plus overall I think I do ok.

I may also have been inspired by similar type posts on other blogs.


Good Mama Moment (GMM): Taking Tink (plus friend, plus the Pixie) to see a friend in a play. Bonus points because it was Shakespeare so I get to feel like I am enhancing their education.

GMM: Remembering to rock up for a backstage meeting on Tuesday night.

GMM: Tink stayed at home from Guides because homework was more important.

Not-So-Good Mama Moment (NSGM): Teasing the Pixie because she made up the funniest action I have ever seen in a game I have been playing at Guides for 17(ish) years.

Good Guide Leader Moment: Teaching the girls a new game that I loved.

NSGM: Letting the girls organise their own fake tan for concert (with the lovely lady across the road). Plus I am still not sure it was my finest parenting moment that I let them get one at all.

GMM: Not laughing at Buglet when she rang me in tears after she had her tan, and being v cool, calm and collected about it all. Then calling Apple in a panic to see if she could go around and make sure all was well.

NSGM: Laughing a little when I got home.

GMM: Cooking one of my favourite dinners and having on the table by 7.30pm on a work day. Bonus points for making cauliflower and broccoli in cheese sauce which I do not like at all, but the girls love. (Side note: the word "table" should be very broadly interpreted).

GMM: Leaving work early to be a good dance-mum and getting the girls ready for concert, and me ready back-stage ninja.

NSGM: Bribing the girls with lollies to be good on the car trip. Smart moment was putting Apple in charge of policing this.

NSGM: Telling Pixie I didn't have time to discuss what went wrong with her dance. My words may have been "I don't care right now, baby". In my defence I was in charge of the quick change room and I had 12 girls to worry about.

GMM: Debriefing on the way home with traditional McDonald's.

Total Brag Mama Moment: Realising that being Buglet's mummy gave me lots of credibility with the tiny tots. So, so proud of her work with them this year.

GMM: Taking Pixie to the shops so her sisters could sleep for a bit longer.

NSGM: Lots of shouting at children to be good in the car.

NSGM: Banning car dancing until after concert because I didn't have time to deal with blood noses or black eyes.

GMM: Back stage ninja, night 2.

NSGM: Realising that the first time I had seen them on stage these concerts was the finale of concert 2.

GMM: Crying. I am so proud of them. This may have also been exhaustion.

NSGM: Telling Buglet her dance injuries were related to dancing with big boobs. She was crying. I was cuddling me. She kicked me. Inappropriate, but quite reasonable in the circumstances.

GMM: Super awesome birthday celebrations for Tink including The Hunger Games themed food.

GMM: Telling the girls (including extras) to eat fruit at the celebrations so I could feel better about my parenting.

NSGM: Asking Buglet if DB was being good when I rang to see how their shopping was going.

What a weekend! Going back to work almost feels like a rest this week!

  • Do not attempt a similar post unless you are sure it will work out to be an overall positive. You do not want to end up feeling worse about yourself.
  • It is doubtful I am qualified to give parenting advice, there is still time for me to stuff up.
  • I am not even allowed to give legal advice without supervision.
I would recommend finding more reliable sources for any advice of any nature.

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