Tuesday, 18 November 2014

When good mothers go bad

I had so much fun with my last Good Mama, Bad Mama post that I decided to do it again. This may be end up being a regular fature.

No-one is perfect, and it is good to remember that. Plus overall I think I do ok.

I may also have been inspired by similar type posts on other blogs.


Not-So-Good Mama Moment (NSGM): Leaving Tink at home sick - while I was at work and Guides.

Good Mama Moment (GMM): Being a Guide leader not only for the benefit of my girls, so lots of girls and women can get the benefit of Guiding.

NSGM: Telling Buglet and the Pixie not to pick stupid goggly eyes so they didn't wreck "my" set of TMNT Christmas decorations.

GMM: Making my decoration (I had Raphael) with sparkly ball to match Pixie's Donatello so we had two sparkly and two not sparkly ones.

NSGM: I didn't tell her Buglet off for re-making the one Apple made for Tink because she wasn't satisfied with the quality.

NSGM: Having to write a note to Pixie's teacher to explain that she got banana all over her school book.

TBMM (aka Total Bragging Mama Moment): Buglet got 80% on her English is exam which is massive because she did not do very well at all last semester and she got a decent mark on Science. She has been working so super hard.

NSGM: Taking Buglet and the Pixie to a leaders' meeting with me. Sometimes you just need to do these things.

NSGM: Bribing the Pixie with a frozen coke to not complain (I seem to be doing this way too often lately).

TBMM: Buglet and the Pixie were super good during my two hour meeting and read quietly.

NSGM: Reneging on the promised frozen coke because it was so late, and they ended up with take-away for dinner. Pixie accepted the IOU very graciously.

GMM: I am setting a good example to my children about civic responsibility and contributing to the community.

GMM: Having the right money and remembering to fill in all the forms before  they were due.

TBMM: Tink and Pixie played waitresses beautifully at a friend's party.

NSGM/GMM: Reminding Buglet that a bad maths mark isn't the end of the world, and that I have always reminded them that if they don't do the work they will be the ones to suffer (I felt awful, but I am pretty sure this is actually a good parenting moment).

NSGM: Going off at Tink for using and removing my lipstick (Seriously though!).

GMM: Organising to have all the dancing drop offs and pick ups beautifully coordinated.

NSGM: Being 45 minutes away when I received the text that they were finishing early ... in 30 minutes.

GMM: Night of culture and grandmother bonding (With DB's mum. Not me. Clearly I am not their grandmother).

NSGM: Leaving the girls at home why I went to a brunch meeting.

GMM: Coming home and being totally overwhelmed because they'd not only done the tidying I had asked them to do, they had done more.

NSGM: Going to have a nap (I was quite sick over the weekend) and leaving Buglet in charge of making high tea.

GMM: Taking the girls to their grandfather's high birthday tea. (DB's dad).

Flip-flop says: Let me play too!

GMM: Evening on the beach with the little two and the puppy.  Letting the puppy hide behind me so she didn't get wet. Letting the girls work out their own water fight rules.

GMM: Delivering up on the frozen coke promise from Thursday.

Bonus points for doing all this while dying from man flu (it is still a bit hit and miss as to whether I will survive. If you don't hear from me again, you will now know what has happened).

  • Do not attempt a similar post unless you are sure it will work out to be an overall positive. You do not want to end up feeling worse about yourself.
  • It is doubtful I am qualified to give parenting advice, there is still time for me to stuff up.
  • I am not even allowed to give legal advice without supervision.
I would recommend finding more reliable sources for any advice of any nature.

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