Monday, 10 November 2014

Faith, Love, and Chocolate

It was a big weekend for us! And one of those weekends which made me desperately want to clutch for any of those precious moments where the Entourage are still my babies, and not young adults functioning in their own lives.

On Friday, Miss Tink turned 14. She is so grown up now that it is unbelievable. In the last 12 months she has lost the last of her baby features, and has grown into a stunning young lady. She has also taken to high school like she was born to be there, being on the student council and organising events.

Turtle cupcakes for Tink!
A couple of weeks ago I got a text from the school saying she wasn't in class. I messaged back saying that as it was a free dress day I imagined she was somewhere doing something for that. I was right.

Friday was also the day the Pixie returned from camp. The Pixie is my youngest, so I have sent my babies on camps, both through school and Guides, lots of times. Even though I was mentally prepared for it, that moment when they come home just that little bit more mature than when they went away still takes my breath away.

A little bit older
I am not exactly sure how the Pixie's camp experience actually went. Most of the other kids had gastro. Pixie was one of the lucky few who escaped. The ones who were well enough did all the activities, but all Pixie has told me about is all the vomit stories in great detail. I have no intention of sharing those stories.

I was all set to hear all about camp on the car trip home; to give her some time in the spotlight before we got home to celebrate Tink's birthday.

The Pixie told me that car trips are for sleeping and napped the whole way home.

She woke up in time to drive down our road ....
Pixie: Oh. Is the father one here?
Me: Looks like it.
Pixie: Why?
Me: Um it is Tink's birthday, and he usually has you on the Fridays he is home*.
Pixie: Oooh!!! My puppy! I can see my puppy! I missed my puppy. She is my favourite!

She then had a tantrum because we were going out for a house family dinner for Tink's birthday, and she was very tired after camp.

Yep, my Pixie is still my Pixie and not all grown up yet.

Dance rehearsals took all day Saturday. Once again Tink and organisational abilities took my breath away. She filled in for someone who was absent side of stage, while still dancing, and keeping me informed what song was being performed. (I am in charge of the quick change room). I am predicting big things for Tink if she keeps going like this! (No pressure though, baby-girl. Mummy just wants you to be happy). 

Tink and the Pixie have been doing hair for dance concerts for the last 3 years.
I am still in charge of make-up.
 And glittering people. I love glittering people.
Rehearsal day was marred by a hurt foot, and a trip to Emergency. Tink is ok. Very relieved with her Singapore soccer trip coming up in a few years. Buglet is determined not to be hurt this year. Two years ago she danced on a cracked tail bone, and last year she didn't dance because she'd just come out of a moon boot after a fractured foot. The Pixie says she is the best child because she doesn't get broken. I think this is mostly because she is so bendy.

On Sunday, Buglet and Tink were confirmed as adult members of the Lutheran Church. I am so proud of them. They looked so grown up (I will ask them if I can share pictures). It is yet another big stepping stones to them being grown-ups and responsible for their own lives.

I also got lots of baby cuddles from my youngest two nephews (and be shouted at by Pie, and hang out with my eldest niece and nephew). Definite bonus to family occasions. It was nice to have that reminder that even as my girls get big, we are part of a massive family and that is important too.

Finally, today Buglet is sitting year 10 exams. She politely requested that I take her younger sisters out last night so she could study. Grown up! I tell you, they are too grown up!

The amount of squabbling yesterday afternoon and this morning reminded me they are not adults yet though. Part of me is now waiting for the squabbling to stop. Part of me is a little bit glad that I still have a few years left. Part of me wanted to throw things at them.

So faith and love have been covered. The chocolate part is for me! Mamas who are preparing for empty nests need chocolate.

When your children politely ask if you are going to get another dog to keep you company when they move out, you also know you need to start making plans! If you interested in finding out what I am planning for my post-high-school-children life .... please check out Kris' Angels.

*PS in defence of DB (see what a lovely ex-wife I am): I haven't seen him in ages, but he does always come around for the girls' birthdays unless he is away and he normally has them the Friday nights he is home. He also did all the cooking for the girls' confirmation lunch. The Pixie was just being a grouch.

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