Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Facebook: The case in support

There are a lot of arguments against facebook, in particular that it is possibly one of the biggest aids to procrastination that this century has produced.

It doesn't suit everyone, and that is fine. If it doesn't make your life a happier place, it may not be the right thing for you. I could just as easily write 'The case against Facebook', there is definitely a case for that too.

My darling youngest daughter might think I like arguing (my parents and sisters probably also agree). However, I would like it on the record that the fact I don't actually enjoy arguing for the sake of it, I have spent a lot of time and effort (not to mention incurring a stupidly big HECs debt) learning how to present both sides of an argument. This is very useful, if somewhat annoying (to me, and I imagine to other people), and if anything means I argue less because I don't often bother discussing things if people are incapable of considering things from a different point of view. Or it could be because I am lazy these days.

But today, I am arguing in favour of facebook. Today, the Entourage were home alone. After feeling a little ignored and anxious all day (in between stressing over work), I posted this status: Reasons to have facebook: Your teenage children will like/comment on posts even when they don't reply to text messages or call you.

Subtle much?

It also reminded me of the Buglet's first babysitting experience. I went to my primary school reunion two years ago. This meant travelling to Kalgoorlie, so I booked us into a hotel just down the road from the adult only evening event with strict instructions to call me if they needed me for anything. Within five minutes Buglet had the laptop connected to the internet (even though I had spent half an hour trying and gave up), and was on facebook. I got a text message later from one of my best friends telling me not to worry, if anything went wrong facebookworld would know because she would suddenly stop appearing in their newsfeeds and someone would ring me. How helpful is that?!

Pixie is a little addicted to seeing how many likes our facebook blog page has (she isn't allowed facebook yet, but she likes to check up and see via my page).

Tink is a binge facebooker. I will get massively excited because I suddenly have 20 plus notifications, to find they are all from Tink. At least she likes me enough to facebook stalk me. This is a good thing right?

Apparently being a facebook addict is hereditary.

I love this top. I don't wear it in public, but I have it hidden just in case Buglet tries to claim it.

So here are my top 10 reasons for loving facebook:

  1. I am really busy. I use facebook to keep up to date with people who matter to me. I know it isn't the most personal method, but I feel more connected, and often I can read between the lines and make sure there are more personal messages, calls and visits too. Facebook chat is great for every day conversations as well as for proper letter-type messages. I also have depression. For me part of this manifests in anxiety and feeling guilty if I don't catch up with people. I know, egocentric much?
  2. One of the hardest thing about being a single parent is that you don't have someone at home to share the little things with. I noticed this a lot when I was on my own when my big two were babies. I haven't felt that as much this time. Partly because I have super awesome friends who I text and share all my news with, but partly because thanks to facebook I get to share my proud mama moments without feeling like I am harassing anyone.
  3. I wouldn't have called myself an attention seeker, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I might be (Blogging about my life?! This may also be a sign). Hmm .... also see point 1.
  4. I like writing. I get a lot of enjoyment out of writing (what I think are) entertaining updates.
  5. I make a genuine effort to focus on the positives in my life. This is a big part of the way I handle my life. Facebook helps me channel the positives.
  6. I love seeing pictures and hearing stories about all the adventures other people have. Sometimes it is inspiring, other times it is just fun to live vicariously through other peoples holidays.
  7. I have had a chance to connect with family members who live in the Eastern states. I grew up on the other side of the country to most of them and we haven't seen much of each other since annual visits in primary school. I have had two families of cousins come to stay with me in the last few years, and thanks to facebook it hasn't felt like strangers.
  8. I like reading random things and I am insanely nosey.
  9. I am a massive procrastinator.
  10. It is another way I can communicate with my teenagers, and anything that helps us bond in a positive way has to be a good thing in at least some ways.
But in addition to using facebook to parent, I am also a big fan of bribery. I told the girls if they were good today and didn't fight, I would take them to get some dvds out tonight. Pixie also did an amazing job of not annoying her sick sisters and she cleaned her room so it is spotless! This feels frozen-coke-spider worthy. (I am ignoring the fact I have been asking her to do this for weeks, today she did it without being asked .... so let's focus on the positives!).

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  1. I need that Tshirt!! LOL I agree Cath and lots of those are the reasons why I use FB so much too :)