Sunday, 27 July 2014

When the cat is away ....

I ran away this weekend. I took a break from reality and ran away. No blogging when you are being a runaway.

I took Friday off work. I slept in, got my nails done, took Flip-Flop to the beach, had a spontaneous lunch date, and had a (very) long nap. (I also did a few loads of washing, and went to the doctor to get my iron checked, but that is heaps less exciting and not fun at all).

The reason for this extravagance was it is that my best friend from primary school is getting married and I am honoured to be one of her bridesmaids. We have been friends since we were five, and I am so, so excited to be a part of her day!

This weekend was the hens' weekend, so we had a catch-up sleepover Friday night, wine tour Saturday, and we drank and ate and laughed long into the night. Grown-up pyjama party at its finest! I met some lovely new people, and had a wonderful time (I think she did too!).

Also did you know you can get coke macarons?! They are amazing. This is fairly irrelevant to anything, but I thought you should know.

From a selfish point of view, I gave myself a very much needed break from real life, and I almost feel ready to face the final sprint of my study.

My running away meant the girls spent the weekend with DB. DB having the girls for the weekend meant that he spent a fair bit of time at my house while they were at dancing because of all the running backwards and forwards. DB being at my house meant that the rabbit's hutch has been turned into a new veranda for Flip-Flop's kennel. Apparently if the rabbit returns she is getting a new hutch that he's been planning anyway. I don't actually get consulted on these things. I should point out that DB had made the old hutch so it wasn't destroying something I had bought to make it. Although, he did use a set of shelves I had been planning on using for storage to make the hutch in the first place.

It also meant that my pond has finally been finished! I am very excited. The water feature has been sitting in the corner of my bedroom for 10 years. The pond has been sitting in my study for about 18 months. The pond and installation of the pond was my Christmas present from 2012 and my birthday present from 2013. I still need to put plants and pots and stuff in, but I am really pleased with how it is looking.

What I had not been expecting was the addition of new pets. They are a present. The fact the yabbies being a present means that I am not allowed to be annoyed that I wasn't consulted, apparently. Fortunately they are yabbies so fairly low maintenance. They were named by the time I got home. I have been informed that this was part of the present. So I may now be the proud owner of yabbies called Stephen, David, Abbey, Gabby, Bobalina, Sushi, Raisin, and Pixie Jnr. No prizes for guessing which of my children named them!

I am now reiterating to my children that you don't give pets as presents unless the recipient has okayed it, even if you do think it was a lovely gesture.

I have given up trying to teach DB this lesson. He has also promised Tink and the Pixie axolotls. Sigh.

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