Wednesday, 9 July 2014

You win some, you lose some

It is school holidays here at the moment. And I am one sad Mama. Not because it is school holidays, but because I am grumpy I am at work when the girls are at home.

My work has a purchased leave scheme, which is amazingly useful when you have school aged children. For a few years I was lucky enough to be able to take off all of the two-week school holidays and half of the Christmas school holidays and be home with the children. Work still has the scheme, but my role has changed to the point where my workload means it is too hard to take that much leave.

I am also super lucky that now the girls are bigger it isn't too hard to find the balance between leaving them at home, having people drop in and visit them for a few hours, and I have some wonderful people in my life who always ask if they can have them during school holidays for part of the time. I am truly blessed to have these people, and to have an amazing flexible work place that has let me develop my career around my family, so please don't for one minute think I am ungrateful. But I am still a sad Mama.

This week I have left for work leaving my babies all snuggled up in bed asleep (ok this might be more jealous then sad).

Sunday night
Buglet: What time are you leaving for work tomorrow?
Me: Between 6 and 6:30.
Buglet: Don't wake me up then.
Tink: Me either.
Pixie: Goodnight-goodmorning-Iloveyou-goodbye!

Then to make it worse, Monday night Buglet politely requested that I didn't text her until I had heard from them as I had woken her up. Humph.

Then when I get home I get to hear about all the fun things they have done, often with with my friends. I  happen to love spending school holidays at home with the girls. No work, no dancing/soccer/Guides and I get to catch up friends and catch up on housework. A change is definitely a good holiday.

There has also been a definite decline in the amount of housework I do now I don't get to spend two weeks out of twelve at home. I am not devastated about that so much, I don't miss the doing housework, but my house may be devastated about how neglected it is.

Admittedly, I am learning to delegate the housework. Yesterday I told the girls that if they cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen and their rooms we would go to Sizzlers for dinner. Definitely worth the bribe. Even the Pixie got right into it and her sisters were very good at making sure I knew exactly how hard she had worked so I could be properly appreciative. No idea why it worked so well this time. It is a bit hit and miss, I am wondering if it is because I told them by text message so they had it in writing? I may have to experiment more.

Tonight I abandoned Buglet and Tink at a church camp for four days. Pixie has gone to spend two nights with her Auntie and Uncle and their babies. She is a bit worried. The youngest is only a few weeks old and the big one is (almost) two. The concern is that they might cry at her and that babies don't like her. This might be something to do with her disdain for small babies because they take all the attention (and I quote, this is usually her big complaint about babies). Personally I think she is going to have a wonderful time. And I think it will be a great chance for her to play with Master 2 without Tink. Tink is beyond amazing with babies and children, I call her the 'Baby Whisper', but it does mean that Pixie hasn't had much experience with them.

I had to laugh though. I came home to this note after abandoning the infants ......

Tink didn't even trust me enough for that. The last thing she told me was that she'd put it in the lounge, on charge, and that she had the only game on it all ready for me. Today's confession: I discovered some-game-I-can't-remember-the-name-of (Farm something?) over the weekend and I am slightly addicted. I am feeling very loved (and I am ignoring the slight feeling of being patronised because I am used to that. Put it this way, they've all had folders on their home screen called "Mum's games" because that is about the only bit I can get to without being confused).

So why I have a quiet house, I am going to stop whinging, and be thankful for some guilt-free study time (as well as for all the things listed above). I only have one more assignment to go after this one so I am a little bit excited!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week, and that you are finding rainbows in all this rain.

Cath xx

PS if you were wondering about what happened with Spike, the vet found his owners and he is home safely.

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