Thursday, 10 July 2014


At the risk of sounding like I am bragging, I have studied through a lot of things.

I have studied full time through two pregnancies of non-stop morning (and all day and all night) sickness. I vomited through nine months while I was writing my Honours thesis, and did the rest of it with three children aged four and under. I can type and bounce a baby with one foot. I can study on trains, in planes, in hospital beds, at soccer games, in the dance studio, with a sleeping baby/toddler/child on my lap/chest/leg. I have pulled more all nighters than I care to own up to (I really am the worst example of being a student! Luckily the girls have seen this is a bad idea). I have written way too many assignments through clouds of tears (mostly mine) when my personal life has been in tatters. I have juggled work and family and volunteer commitments and friends and household responsibilities. I have developed serious caffeine addiction, gained way too much weight, and spend my life justifying the revolting state of my house to people.

To be fair, my marks aren't brilliant, but dammit I have done it, and I am proud of the letters I have after my name.

I also freely admit that if facebook had been around when I did my first degree, very possibly the only degree I would have would be a Bachelor of Procrastination with a major in facebook, but luckily it wasn't. As a side note, I have said to my children "back when Mummy did her first degree, I had to procrastinate without facebook". True story.

Pixie came up to me once and the conversation went like this:

Pixie: What are you doing?
Me: I am studying.
Pixie: No you're not, you're on facebook.
Me: Yes I am, look. I am great at multi-tasking.
Pixie (sadly): I wish I could do two things at once.

What I was going to say: Don't worry baby, you will learn when you grow up.
What I actually said when I remembered she is her father's daughter: Never mind baby. You are good at lots of other things. Mummy can't draw.

Pixie went and drew me a picture. See, she is easily distracted.

(Does this make me an awful person?!)

And now, now I have been beaten. I officially can't study with a puppy on my lap.

And just in case there was any doubt that Flip-Flop wasn't a lap dog here she is. Luckily it is only my lap that she sits on. I think she is trying to be like the Pixie.

And just like that, ladies and gentlemen ... that is me done! Beaten by the puppy. Good night!

PS Yes I am supposed to be doing an assignment; luckily I didn't discover blogging much earlier.

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