Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Pyjamas, butterflies and taking over the world

I wrote a little while ago about Buglet and Pixie's career plans. This post is the one I meant to write last Wednesday after Tink's parent-teacher interviews, but it is one of the posts that just didn't happen last week.

Last Wednesday reminded me that Tink has always been Tink. She was in her student councillor uniform and could not only tell me every room that I had to go to, but also tell me who each teacher had seen before and after me. Not that I knew the people she was talking about, but that is not really the point. Every single teacher said that she is enthusiastic, talks a lot, and asks lots of questions. As I said, Tink has always been Tink and as I take you through her changing views on careers you will see why.

My earliest recollection was when she was about 2.5, possibly a little bit older, and I made some comment about working. Tink was most adamant that "Mummies don't work. Mummies go to uni and go to meetings". There was nothing I could say that would convince her otherwise. Once I thought about it, in her universe that was what mummies did do. I had been at uni her entire life, and my mum works on the same university campus. When I babysat my little sisters at night, or when my mum babysat my girls it was very often because either Mum or I had a meeting. From Tink's point of view that was just the way it was.

Fast forward a year or two, and we were at one of my best friend's place and Tink was playing "house" with my God-son. Nothing traditional about this game. Tink told him that she was the mum, she was going to a meeting and that he could cook dinner. She handed him the baby, picked up her bag and left. My gorgeous God-son picked up the baby and turned to the stove. There were two very proud mums that day.

Tink then went through a bit of a slump. When she hit the "what are you going to be when you grow up" stage at school, you know where they look at lots of different jobs, Tink came home every day being absolutely adamant that she was going to do nothing.

Me: So you are going to look after the house while Mummy and Daddy are at work?
Tink: No. I am going to do nothing.
Me: You are going to go to uni?
Tink: No. I am going to live at home and do nothing.

I don't believe in pushing children, but I did decide that then was a good time to have a conversation about needing an aim in life. Tink soon decided she was going to be a butterfly. That's an aim, right? Better than doing nothing on my time that is for sure.

Tink has never actually mentioned being a giraffe, but she is very attached to her onsie .....

I should say here, that Tink likes to do things, but she likes to do them her way. Even at 5 the idea of being told she should be thinking about what she wanted to do clearly didn't sit well.

Later she decided she was going to be a hairdresser two days a week and a music teacher three days a week. That was her plan for a long time. Now she is a bit bigger and it is all becoming real she is thinking about teaching. There is also the dream that her soccer talent may lead to something, but we will just have to wait and see.

Me? I think my wonderful middling daughter has amazing leadership skills. Common predictions for my Tink by other people include State Commissioner for Girl Guides, Prime Minister of Australia, and possibly President of the World. I am just sure that her energy and drive will mean she will make a positive difference whichever way her life takes her.

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