Monday, 7 July 2014

Be careful what you wish for .....

On Saturday I took Flip-Flop for her own playdate at the beach with a friend and her two dogs (and her baby so I spent a lot of time babbling at the baby. Flip-Flop didn't care about the baby).

She had a wonderful time. I had been a bit worried because she hadn't met these dogs before, and I didn't know how she would go with them.

Sandy puppy. The Pixie insists that after-beach selfies are now a tradition.
I had always said if I got a dog, I would get two so they weren't lonely during the day. We got Flip-Flop as an "only dog" so the issue had never really come up again. Her beach adventures made me re-think.

I may have mentioned this to the girls. (Please note, I do realise that this may not have been my most sensible move). Buglet and Tink thought it was a great idea. Pixie thought it was a horrible idea. She can't imagine loving any dog as much as she loves Flip-Flop. I reassured her that lots of people worry about that when they have their second baby.

Me: Do you think I love Buglet and Tink any less because I had you?
Pixie: Yes!

Oops. Maybe not the best converation to have with my diva baby! On the upside, at least she isn't worried that I don't love her. I did find out later though that Pixie told Buglet that her real concern is that Flip-Flop will love the Pixie less if she has another dog to be her friend. This makes a lot more sense.

Fast forward to today .... I get a phone call in the office.

Buglet: So we have a big little friend visiting us.
Me: Huh. Who's there?
Buglet: We have a visiting dog.
Me: What do you mean?! Where did a dog come from?
Buglet: It came up and was barking at the rabbit and he doesn't have a collar.
Me: Where is this dog now?!
Voices around the office. A dog? Did she say they have a dog? What have they done?
Buglet: In the house.
Me: Where is Flip-Flop?
Buglet: Outside.
Me: Get the dog outside and put Flip-Flop inside. I will warn Apple there is a dog there when she comes to get you.
Buglet: Pixie wants to call it 'Mr Fluffykins'.
Me: No! I am sure he has an owner.

Get off the phone to fill my colleagues in on the other half of the conversation. I am so glad they find it amusing rather than getting annoyed by my phone calls with the girls.

Follow an exchange of text messages. Buglet wanting to walk to the dog. Finding out that Buglet was outside keeping the dog company (I should have got her to do some weeding while she was there). Buglet telling me that his name was Spike (Buglet and Tink outvoted the Pixie apparently).

Apple to the rescue! 'Spike' is now safely at the vet, with my name and number though in case they can't find his owners.

If I get a call I will let you know. Just to be perfectly clear, my conversation was not a message to the universe that I need another dog at this point, and tonight I will be discussing dog etiquette with the girls.

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