Wednesday, 16 July 2014

When I count my blessings ....

This has felt like the longest week ever.

Yesterday I had to text Tink's soccer coach and say the reason she wasn't at training was partly because I forgot it was Tuesday. I blame Pixie for telling me it was Wednesday. This excuse is a lot flimsier when you realise I was at work, in front of a computer, with emails telling me what day it was, but I am sticking to it.

But I am in the final countdown of my course (3 weeks and 2 days to go), it is mid-year, and I am just tired. I would like to say that as a long-time uni student I am very much used to 13 teaching weeks at most. This 30 week course business is killing me.

Then today, when it I was just over it all, I was reminded in no uncertain terms how wonderful life is:

  1. My sister-in-law made her facebook announcement that my beautiful new niece has been born, so I got to tell the world too (and have a cupcake). I messaged my sisters to brag that I have a new niece, and one sister messages back and ....
  2. Tells me I have a new nephew too. She acquired a new (foster) son today! How often do you get to announce you're an auntie again twice over on the same day unless it is twins?!
  3. I had two cupcakes. I had already had one in celebration of my new niece, so I had to have one in honour of my new nephew too. You can't play favourites.
  4. One of my gorgeous friends checked in to see if the girls were well enough for her to have yet. I don't feel guilty about abandoning my babies on people if they offer. (Tink is still sick so I am keeping her, and Buglet hasn't been 100% and wants to go to the movies with a friend tomorrow. Mother-guilt also removed now I don't need her to babysit the Pixie. I try very hard not to exploit the big two).
  5. One of the Pixie's God-fathers (aka the abovementioned friend's husband) picked her up so I got to have a coffee with him. Massive bonus because I haven't seen him in ages ...
  6. ... and he fixed some random stuff on my computer which have been bugging me.
  7. I have a wonderful work place ...
  8. ... some clever person invented template letters which has made my life sooooo much easier today.
  9. Another wonderful friend has had two job interviews, which makes me so happy.
  10. Chocolate.
  11. Text messages.
  12. Winter nights that were made for pasta and a red wine and snuggly pyjamas (and my awesome new  pyjamas - I don't care that I have mentioned them before. I love them).

Random picture from the farm, because going to the farm just makes me happy.
I always come home relaxed and refreshed :)
However I would like to point out that it was a bit neglectful of my sister to wait until I tell her I have a new niece before she tells me I had a new nephew ... and then not give me any details for another couple of hours. Sisters!

Counting my blessings today, and some of them I am counting twice xx


  1. Thank you, I needed a reminder to count my blessings. Mind you, I don't think I'll have any surprise babies to give me cupcake excuses :)

    1. I hope your week has improved. If you need a cupcake excuse, I suggest having one when school goes back ... or tomorrow for the last day if it is the last day xx