Sunday, 20 July 2014

Pixie party!

We have finally had the Pixie's birthday party. Have I mentioned before my family is extraordinarily good at moving birthday's to when they suit us? We always do presents and have an icecream cake  on the actual day, but with three "sides" of the family to fit in the rest of it can be somewhat spread out.

We don't always have a "proper" party, but there is always something with friends. Most often a sleepover now they are older. This is partly to help alleviate the mother guilt about lack of play dates (not child manipulated guilt either).

This birthday party has reminded me of a few important life lessons.

Firstly, I love Guides. The main thing that stresses me out about birthday parties is having to clean the house. (Most of the time I have managed to avoid this too). I have worked out over the years that I just tend to treat them like organising a Guide meeting. I would like to say that this is not intentional, but this is what I seem to do.

As the girls have gotten older it has been even easier. Sleepovers are awesome, because the girls can organise most of it themselves. They love organising things so for them this is a big part of the fun.

The Pixie did everything this year with a bit of help with the shopping. Massive bonus. She was so proud of herself and excited to be doing it, and it kept her happy for ages. There was a bit of confusion with the invites where she had the party going from Friday night to Sunday morning (apparently I am not always that good at proof reading), but we overcame that hurdle. Thank goodness! Just because I can handle five 11-year-olds for a weekend, doesn't mean I want to.

Another part of minor confusion arose when the Pixie wanted to know what time Apple and Mr Apple were coming. She had made them lolly bags, and she was very anxious about how the pizza would arrive if they weren't here to pick it up. I did point out that usually you invite people if you want them to be at your party. Pixie was adamant that they didn't need an invitation they would just be there "because that is what they do". They were there, and the pizza was collected.

It also reminded me why being on good terms with your ex can be very useful (even when you are not talking to them).

Sorting out the cake is DB's job. Although considering he dropped the cake off with three very hyped up girls who had eaten chocolate mousse for breakfast (the Minion is filled with mousse, I am not exactly sure why, but it was yummy) and then left ..... I have a sneaking suspicion that when it comes to sleepover parties he has sussed out the easy part of the deal.

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