Monday, 26 May 2014

15 years and counting ....

Today my Buglet turned 15!

15 years and two days ago, I had successfully made it to week 12 of uni and had massively disappointed everyone by not dramatically going into labour during class (about a year later when I was pregnant with Tink I realise I had all the classic signs of pre-labour that last day of uni, but hadn't realised). As a side note, I made it back to my final class the week after.

My waters broke about 1am the Monday night, and at 18.02hrs on the Wednesday, Buglet was born. I got to announce to everyone there that she was a girl. An hour and a half after that Mum had gone home to get my four lovely sisters (my fifth sister wasn't born yet), and I got to show them their beautiful new niece, and introduce my daughter to four of the people who would have the most impact on her life.

15 years ago, I was snuggling my baby-girl and watching Blue Heelers. I would like to say I was reflecting on something deep, but that would be a lie.

My facebook message to the Buglet:
"Happy birthday to my amazing, talented, beautiful eldest daughter! Where have the last 15 years gone?

Hugging you this morning it is hard to believe that 15 years ago, I told those present that you were a girl and my universe changed forever.

I am so proud of how hard you work. I am proud of the things your teachers have to say about you, and I am proud of you for working at the subjects you find the hardest. It blows me away that you are old enough to be teaching dance, and I am beyond proud when other parents tell me how wonderful you are with the younger students (and how well you cope with your sisters). I am proud of you for making grown-up decisions when it has come to your health and dancing, and for taking the time to follow medical instructions *and* for not giving up. 
I admire your grace, your dedication, and your quiet achievements. I also am thankful for your ability to only cook, but I am also in awe of your talent of presenting it all beautifully. Thank you baby girl, you make my life easier in more ways than you will ever know.
I love the moments we get to share, just the two of us, whether it is at Guides, about books or movies, or just the random moments that make up our lives.

Most importantly, don't ever forget that I have loved you since the moment you existed, and I will love you long after my final breath."
I probably should have mentioned her amazing Pixie-wrangling skills.
Speaking of the Pixie. This was her birthday present to her sister. She even gave her the option of having glasses added so it looked even more like the Buglet!


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