Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Over-thinking over education

This is a big year for us school wise. It's Buglet's last year in lower high school, Tink's first year of high school, and Pixie's last year of primary school. This is meaning some big decisions.

The Pixie has to apply to go to the same high school as her sisters. I refuse to tell them  what to write, but I was tempted to change my mind after the things the Pixie came up with to include in her application when we were brainstorming:
  • She likes extra science but not what's on the curriculum (please note, curriculum was her word).
  • She doesn't like being bored.
  • Her favourite thing about Guides is s'mores.
  • She doesn't like organising things but she is going to pretend she does.
  • Flip-flop is her favourite.
  • She likes the dancing part of dancing.
  • She is a llama but Mummy said "no llamas at high school".
We did a lot more brainstorming.

Meanwhile I am constantly worrying about Tink having taken on too much with an academic extension program, soccer program, and then being on the student council. She is happy and loving it all, but I do still worry.

Buglet is at the point where she needs to think about a post-secondary schooling. She has said she wants to go to the same uni as me which is lovely, but I don't want that to be her only reason for going there. Her first day on campus was at 6 days old (I didn't want to miss the final class with the exam tips) and she's been there for one reason or another ever since.

I am also finding it hard because when I was in year 10 I knew four of the subjects I wanted to do and my parents told me double maths would be easy marks for the uni entrance exam. They lied (NB after me saying this for 15 years dad has recently qualified his comments by saying they expected I would do some work. I think that was silly. Although it was also silly I didn't take into account that they have degrees in Maths). I also knew what I wanted to do at uni, and I was lucky enough that it turns out I loved what I studied and it all worked out for me. It is so much harder as a parent when you are worried about someone else!

Buglet on the other hand is not so sure and it is making picking subjects for her last two years of school a little harder. We are having lots of conversations about studying what you enjoy, and alternative pathways to where you want to go, and that the world does not end with high school.

Meanwhile we are also going to information nights and I was very much looking forward to uni open days and all the cool stuff that happens there. Until tonight's episode .....

.... so we were at the Year 10 careers information night
Me (to Buglet): I want one of the highlighters.
Uni Information Guy (UIG): You have to take a university guide if you want a highlighter.
Me: It's ok she's got one.
UIG: But you need one too!
Me *laughing*: But I've already graduated from your uni three times.
UIG *mortified*: I am so, so, so sorry. *to Buglet* is that your mother?
Me *realising what he meant*: It's ok. It happens all the time.

UIG spends rest of the evening giving Buglet free stuff.

Buglet spends the rest of the evening giggling with her friends.

Buglet's comforting words: It's ok. He told me he thought you were year 11 or 12, not year 10.
Oh good .... and I was wearing grown up work clothes and everything.

Despite appearances I do take parenting and the girls' education very seriously!


  1. I wish there was footage of UIG when he realized you were Mum. Priceless.

  2. I felt so bad! Normally people are horrified or disbelieving not apologetic. I only made my comment because I thought he was encouraging mature aged students while he was there.