Saturday, 24 May 2014

"Introducing .... Paris" or "How the cars got their names"

We have a new addition to the household. Yesterday I picked up our new car formally known as Paris the Yaris.

As you can imagine a new car has meant lots of discussion, most of it surrounding what the car should be called. Personally, I was ok with just referring it as "the car", "the white car" or "the Yaris". I was over-ruled on that one. My suggestions were Paris the Yaris or Yaris Hilton. I may not have particularly wanted to name the car, but I do think that I am hilarious.

The Pixie voted with Paris the Yaris immediately. She loves all things French.

Tink: I am voting Sherman.
Me: Hmmm ... I am pretty sure it is a girl car.
Tink: I am still voting Sherman.
Pixie: Paris!
Me: What about we put it to a facebook vote?
Tink: No I will lose.
Me: Well, Paris it is then.
Tink: Ok. I will call Daddy's car Sherman then.
Me: I am not sure he will like that.
Tink: I won't tell him.
Pixie: Yeah. We will just start talking about Sherman and see how long it takes him to work out what we are talking about.

I would like it on the record, that I in no way encouraged this plan. I will keep you updated on the progress of DB's noticing though.

Because every girl needs her accessories!

As for our old Subaru, I have been telling it all week it only has one week to go. It has had a hard life and deserves a good retirement.

Me: Good car. Just a bit more to go.
Pixie *stroking the dash*: Good car. Then you can go to the car retirement village.
Me: Where is that?
Pixie: Our front lawn, with the BMW. Or Grandad's house. That's where Daddy puts the cars he doesn't want anymore.

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  1. I've never named my cars by they definitely have personalities and I've known what sex they are. My car is a boy.