Sunday, 25 May 2014

A day of glorious ordinariness: Part 1 of my weekend.

I have had an amazing weekend! Amazing enough, that I am going share it with you in all it's glorious ordinariness.

I know I have said this in earlier blog posts, the weekend began on Friday with picking up the new car, and going to the movies.

On Saturday I woke up a little confused because there was a baby crying. We do not have a baby, nor were we babysitting. Turns out Pixie had turned the tv on a some point. This is a relief, I would hate to think I would forget we had a baby in the house.

Buglet then came in and woke me up properly with scrambled eggs on toast. Parenting tip of the day: Have at least one child who loves to cook! This is much easier if you let them cook. This is also much easier if you are seriously undomesticated and can handle the stress of children left in the kitchen.

Saturday was full of mother stuff. I went to dancing. I drove the girls to dancing. I walked the dog. I did stuff around the house (not that you can tell *sigh*). Pixie and I went shopping for presents for the Buglet's birthday. We ate cupcakes as a special "just us" thing. I love cupcakes, birthdays, and spending time with my babies. I do not love shopping, or housework.

Another thing I love is children with the same tastes in books and movies as me! We got Buglet all three of the books in the Divergent series. It was the movie we saw Friday night and us there "big girls" all loved it. I promise it really was a present for Buglet, but Tink and I will enjoy it too, and most probably Pixie when she is old enough to read it.

I slept most of the afternoon. Being woken up by a dog jumping on you and a child singing: "Hands in the air, rock-a-bye a bear, Mama's now asleep, shh, shh, shh", is not particularly pleasant (and a little counter-productive because I was not asleep by the end of it). However snuggles and cuddles and "I lovells you Mama" are the things that make life wonderful.

I spent some time sorting through old paper work last night. I found a box from approximately ten years ago. It was filled with baby stuff of Pixies, notes from my Honours thesis, Guide stuff from when I was chairing a state committee, pictures from Tink's daycare days, and Buglet's first letters to me.

"Dear Mummy, I hope you have a lovely time at Guide House". I am assuming the pictures are of them waving goodbye to me! The girls spent a lot of their baby and toddler years at Guide House.

Lots of lovely memories, and I got some stuff sorted out that I have been meaning to do for ages. Added bonus is it was stuff I could do while watching a dvd with my babies, and got to share these memories with them too.

Today I am thankful for the precious moments I spend with my children, and for lovely day care staff and teachers who put dates on pictures.


  1. I am always in awe at how much you squeeze into every day. I think you may be Superwoman.

  2. Mostly I think I am just insane! My new coping mechanism is focussing on how much I have achieved in a day, rather than on how much I didn't get done. It makes life much nicer.