Saturday, 17 May 2014

There is always a Plan B

Pixie on planning: "You need to talk to B's mum about organising a meeting so we can plan stuff. We are too old for play dates now."

Personally I would have thought there was a middle ground between play dates and meetings, but apparently not. One of the problems with being the Guide Leader and the mother is that not only I am there on the spot to ask, I also have a doubly vested interest in the issue.

The way our Guide unit tends to run is that the girls as a unit pick a theme and a rough plan and the girls form small groups to plan the actual night. My official line on this is that it is teaching them leadership skills and very valuable planning skills. This is actually true. The unofficial line is also that I am lazy and this makes my life a lot easier. This is also true. Really it is a win-win situation.

The above quote was followed by "Oh, and you better make it a sleepover, because our night is 'Gryffindor' and 'Harry Potter' and we need to watch the movies".

Hmmm .... as I realise that the alphabet theme we are doing this term means that I need to fit this in within the next fortnight.

I have a sore throat, and a stuffed up head, and I very whingey. Considering I have still managed to do everything I meant to do today, I am diagnosing man-flu.

Other then being whingey, I am a little disappointed because we were supposed to have friends around for dinner, baby cuddles (me cuddling their baby, not them cuddling mine), and Star Wars movies (this is important for the girls' cultural education). Clearly man-flu is dangerous and not safe for babies! Also, it is not a good idea for busy mothers of little babies, and most definitely not safe for fathers as we know how lethal man-flu can be for men *waves at aforementioned friends and sends lots of virtual germ-free cuddles which will have to suffice for now*.

This does however mean Pixie and B are having their sleepover and watching Harry Potter movies. Important life lesson! There is always a Plan B (and the alphabet has another 24 letters, see how this ties into the term's theme?). Hopefully they put this into their planning.

I am supposed to be doing an assignment that I didn't finish during the week, because of the stupid man-flu, but DB told me today in no uncertain terms that now I have a blog and I've told everyone about it I need to write every day, so to any or all of my 70+ facebook followers who have read to the end of this waffle I am waving enthusiastically at you and I am so excited you are following me. I am also excited I now have a brilliant excuse to procrastinate while I am sitting down. Much better than housework. I am sorry today's post isn't more about the girls, but they've been at dancing today so I have barely seen them**. I will spend more quality mothering time with them tomorrow.

Oh, and I would update you on how the meeting is going but the Pixie has banned me; she wouldn't let me pull Guide Leader rank either, apparently that doesn't count at home.

**The Buglet is shattered from a day of dancing and is being a teenager and pointed out I was supposed to be studying. Tink is at the football.

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  1. My Little Angel asked me to organize a catch up last week because apparently they are too old for play dates now. :)