Sunday, 25 May 2014

Armed and dangerous: Part 2 of my weekend

Sunday is family day. I try to stick to this. Mostly unsuccessfully, but it is the thought that counts!

Buglet managed to convince us that she should have her birthday present's today. Her reasoning was that Daddy was spending the day with us and because tomorrow (her actual birthday) is a Monday, and that Monday's are super busy. This is true.

I mostly gave in because one of the Buglet's birthday presents was The Host (on dvd, she got the book last Christmas), and that made a nice diversion between Tink's soccer and the main attraction of the day ..... lazar tag!

Today was a just a "house family" celebration. With a massive family, birthday celebrations can go over the whole month. Originally we were going to do something with her friends, but that didn't work out so a family session at lazar tag it was. I do maintain my right as their mother to claim their birthdays as my special days too! Not only am I the one who actually gave birth, each year is another year I get to celebrate how much they have grown, and that we all have survived.

Lazar tag was not only great fun, it was very educational too.

What we learnt at lazar tag:
  • we are all ultra competitive;
  • real men can wear pink;
  • Tink has the makings of an officer;
  • Tink has a scary number of tactics;
  • don't get on the Buglet's bad side, she started a vendetta against the other dad playing who was the only person to obtain a higher score than her in the first game;
  • DB refuses to follow instructions especially when the instructions are "don't shoot me I am on the same team";
  • three out of five of us really need to work on our aim; and
  • despite my best efforts the girls still didn't know who C3PO was (the character name Tink was given).
Some of these things we should probably have known earlier.

Proud mama moments of the day ~ lazar tag edition:
  • my girls weren't the ones sulking when they got hit; and
  • Tink obeying the international law protecting the injured even from the other side (aka a small crying child who was lost).
There is something ironic about shooting other people's children celebrating a parenting milestone. Or possibly therapeutic. Probably better for family relations that we were all on the same team. DB suggested paintballing. Lucky the girls are not old enough. I really will need to work on my aim before then!

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  1. I love reading about your family celebrations, they always sound like so much fun and filled with so much love and family,