Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Forever a student ....

While I am still all nostalgic, I thought I would mention that 15 years ago I was studying in a hospital bed and very quickly mastering the act of studying and cuddling.

Considering I am still studying, this skill has come in very handy. (It is worth mentioning that I have graduated three times since then). I love learning, but I am not very good at the "study part". At the moment it is not a subject I particularly enjoy, but it is compulsory, and it is making me grumpy.

I am also attempting to use the highlighters Buglet got from UIG last week (click here for that post). Sadly they are not actually very easy to use so I am going to have to go back to my normal one. Also I have decided that blue highlighters are not the best for highlighting notes.

I thought of this post last night, and was a little proud of myself for not writing it then. Blogging is a very useful procrastination technique. So is housework, cutting and painting your toenails, showering, and counting stars - just in case anyone is wondering.

I am particularly brilliant at procrastinating, and not only procrastinating, but procrastinating by doing something useful so it is easy to justify. Counting stars probably does not come into the useful category.

Tonight was going to be a light-hearted post, but in truth I am tired, and grumpy. It was a long day in the office. My dance class and Tink's soccer training were cancelled. In some ways this was awesome; I got to finish a project I'd been working on at the office (and I am now living in a "file fort" - see my facebook status if this doesn't make any sense!). I also had intended on doing some study reading during Pixie's dance class, I managed to take the wrong text book so this was swapped for a novel and that was nice. It was also nice to watch a bit more of her class than I usually do.

But tonight, despite all the good bits, I am tired and grumpy. I am sad I only got to see my big girls for about fifteen minutes; they put themselves to bed almost as soon as I got home.  Pixie had a tantrum because the dog ate an art project she had left lying around (clearly her sisters' fault and nothing to do with her!).

Maybe I've read one too many posts today about mothers pushing themselves too hard. Maybe I am just ready to give myself the brilliant advice of "go easy on yourself, you are doing the best you can" that I am always telling other people (this is good advice by the way!). Maybe I am just grumpy because Pixie is watching Charmed and I would rather be snuggled with her. Sadly, tonight's assignment needs to be done at my desk.

I am often told I make it look easy. I do usually focus on the positives, life is much nicer that way. But tonight's post is dedicated to keeping it real .....

.... now I am going to finish this damn assignment so I can concentrate on my gorgeous Guides tomorrow night and sneak a sleepy cuddle with the Pixie. I am also going to eat chocolate, and chicken twisties. Not together. That would be gross.

Mmmmm ..... chocolate .......


  1. Hugs, I think the Facebook post of the sign for your girls is very apt today for you. Hopefully the chocolate (yum) and chicken twisties (yuck) have cheered you up a little.

  2. Yes! Life is wonderful, and I am back to remembering that today.

    I think I need to find a chicken twisties support group. I seem to be the only person who likes them ;)