Friday, 16 May 2014

Mother's Day

This was the Pixie last year on Mother's Day:  "If we were going to make you breakfast Mama, which we're not, how would you like your eggs? Now go walk the dog and make it a long walk".

Mother's Day*. The day that is supposed to be all about mothers. I have to admit, I adore it.

When I was younger I loved bossing my younger sisters and brother into making mum and dad breakfast in bed and was so sad when mum put an end to it (cooking is not my strong point!).

I love the home made presents and cards, and the gifts my girls pick out from school. I love the cuddles, and for that for one day I can use emotional blackmail to stop the girls from squabbling and not feel bad.

This year I wandered around the shops while my Buglet supervised the Pixie in a shopping trip. I need to say here that clearly I had no idea what they were shopping for. I am a mother, I know all about selective comprehension.

This is what they made me.

Buglet gets her cooking skills from her father. He also taught her beautiful presentation. My breakfasts in bed always come with a flower (sorry Mum! You really were ripped off, but I promise your breakfasts were made with love).

And this was dessert. Tinker is claiming this one as her idea.

I am pretty sure the fact the girls made me breakfast dessert means I am doing something right!

*or is it Mothers' Day? I really struggle with this. If I am talking about someone particular I make it singular but when I am talking about everyone I make it plural? Anyone else?


  1. I love the idea of breakfast dessert - yummy.

    1. I definitely thought it was inspired. Raspberry M&Ms are my favourite too.