Sunday, 18 May 2014

Je t'aime

If you thought the most aggressive way someone could say "I love you" was when it was said by an angry teenager, I think you may be wrong.

DB taught the girls a new trick this weekend. Fortunately the big two lost interest by the time they came home. Pixie on the other hand mastered the shouting and the loving her mama bit, but missed the point of the rest of the exercise.

I am not sure what is worse a tiny little angry Pixie shouting "Attention! I love you!" when you are not sure what you are doing wrong, or a big man shouting "Achtung! Ich liebe dich!" in your face when you are not sure what he is even talking about. At least then you do not need to respond. At least I know they care, right?

My lovely moment today was watching Tink and the Pixie helping at a crèche this afternoon. There is something wonderful about watching your children teach younger kids games and songs, and be the caring big ones. They grow up so fast! And then Buglet  making us a beautiful steak dinner (well, minus steak for the vegetarian child) including the mushroom and mustard sauce I love, but that none of the girls like.

No more writing for me tonight, the Pixie wants a cuddle, and watching how grown up they all were today I have been reminded that  wanting cuddles won't last forever.

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  1. I take every cuddle I can because I know I'm going to miss them when they stop.