Monday, 30 June 2014

Manic Monday (aka Part 1 of 'This is how I do it')

As someone who balances work, paid and unpaid, family and study if I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say "I don't know how you do it" I would be very rich and could possibly retire. I would also be very rich if I had a dollar for every time I had heard "starting them young", but that is a whole other blog post.

I got an email from my lecturer  today saying how close we were to finishing. This would have been much more encouraging if she hadn't have listed all the things we have left to do, but it is still nice that she cares.

As after an adult life time of being asked how I do it, and never having a good answer except "caffeine, napping and an amazing disregard for housework", I decided I would actually write down how I do it. To be fair, "caffeine, napping and an amazing disregard for housework" does help significantly, but it does take a little more than that. One day I might need to prove to the girls how impressive I was, and how much I am here when they complain about absent parenting (so far so good as previous posts will show). I am also thinking that writing it down will serve as a reminder about how hard it is, so I don't go back to study before the girls are self-sufficient. Don't worry, I will spread this out over the next few weeks, so you aren't all totally bored.

Today my alarm was set for 5.30am, I had intended to get to work early. Not to mention Monday is supposed to be one of my dog walking mornings and I am supposed to get up at 5am, but I was up late last night, I need some sleep, my back hurts I am great at making excuses ..... This would be more convincing if I hadn't had spent the snooze time contemplating how I feel like I've had more sleep if I wake up around the 2am mark (not unusual for me), because if I go back to sleep easily it feels like I've had two nights sleep. Early morning musings don't actually have to make sense.

I actually got up at 6.15am and ran around frantically.

Wins: having change for the girls to donate to some thing at school, having my clothes ready the night before, and remembering to have breakfast (I do try and eat breakfast at home to set a good example).

Fails: Not remembering what it is the girls are donating money towards, Tink telling me she needed money for the train home as I ran out the door (thanks to my mother for sorting this one), and being yelled at by the Pixie for being grumpy at her when she wouldn't get out of bed.

Could go either way: Not getting a seat on the train. Winning 'cos it means I can read a fun book; failing 'cos I can't study (personally I count this as a win because I have a bad attitude towards study).

The Day
I made it to work by 7:30am. This is a massive bonus because it is my busiest time of the year.

Wins: Remembering to buy white out after Pixie put a reminder in my phone. Organising lunch with a girlfriend next week, getting a whole agenda drafted. Sorting out for the big two to go on camp during the school holidays. Remembering to text a few people about random things. Leaving the office at 5.40pm and making it to the train on time.

Fails: A panicked phone call to Mum when I realised I hadn't heard from either her or the girls after school today. The number of phone calls I have to make tomorrow. Forgetting to do some Guide stuff. Stuffing my friend around working out a day I could do lunch.

The Entourage after school
On Mondays Mum picks the girls up from school and another friend who lives near us to ferry them all to confirmation classes (well except the Pixie, Mum drops her off at my sister's house). I don't feel too bad about this one, partly because Mum offered, and partly because it is as important to her as it is to me that the girls get this opportunity. Plus she is driving someone else too, and I get them all home. Mum drops them at one train station, and I meet them at another.

I love my train trips home. It is the quiet zone where I transit from work-mode to home-mode and gives me very precious reading time. I don't study on the trip home so it is always fun reading time, and reading is one of the things that makes me happiest.

Wins: Waiting at the train station to meet the Entourage plus one. Not traumatising our Monday passenger  too much (he puts up with the girls quite well!). Being at the right train station (Monday is the only day I use this train line).

I drop Buglet at her dance class, our passenger at his house, then bring my little two home. About an hour of driving gives us lots of catching up time which is sometimes nice, sometimes tiring, but it does make me feel like I am not missing out on so much! Mum feeds the children so I have a very lazy dinner (toast tonight, please don't judge me - I made sure I had a very big lunch), do some housework (I use this term loosely, but I usually get something done), shower, discuss homework and school and all those sorts of things, and pick the Buglet up at 8.30pm. Family rule is if I have to pick them up after 8pm from an activity, I get to wear pyjamas. I am the mother, I get to make the rules. I try to get there in time to watch her Buglet's last 20 minutes, and the trip home is a good chance to just talk to her. Luckily Monday night seems to have reality tv shows on which I do not like, but the girls do. This means the little two are happy, and I don't feel bad when I am doing other things.

Conversations today include Tink's badly studded leg from her soccer game yesterday, Pixie having a "man" vein in her foot (shaped like a man, not looking like it belongs to a man, it took me a while to work this out), our costumes and food and activities for Guides on Wednesdays, the fact Pixie is playing in a school sports carnival tomorrow which I am not 100% sure I knew about and which does mean I have to reorganise my usual Tuesday plans. Bonus is I will get a bit of a bit of a sleep in tomorrow!

Pick up the Buglet and shoo them all off to bed. Some nights I do housework, some nights I study, some nights I curl up on the couch to read.

Evenings all get thrown into chaos the one Monday a month I have a Guide meeting after work. An adult type Guide meeting where we do the behinds the scenes stuff for the state, not the fun unit stuff. Those nights I am very nice to Apple who usually fills in the parenting blank for me.

Tonight I have blogged (clearly!) and studied. I will be in bed by 10:30pm tonight! Tonight I am just tired.

Fail: having an assignment due on Friday, reorganising plans.

Win: Pyjamas, cuddles, Tink bringing me home muffins she made at school, and studying is much more fun with a cool pen.

Hope you all had a happy and productive Monday xxx


  1. I'm exhausted and all I had to do was read about :) Driving time is great talking time.

    1. This is one of the reasons I am spreading it out. When I am living it, it just happens, it isn't until I try and explain it to other people that I realise how insane it sounds!