Sunday, 1 June 2014

May Showers .... June Flowers?!

There is an old saying, admittedly from the Northern hemisphere: "April showers bring May flowers".

I love rain. Call it a hang up from growing up in the middle of the desert, but I really do.

I am less fond of the other interpretation of this saying, when you apply it to being about the hard work and the tears paying off later. I would like to point out that it is June so I want my flowers dammit!!!

Yes, I am still studying can you tell? I banned myself from blogging until after my assignment was handed in. Now I have handed it in I am sneaking in a quick post before my week of on-site assessments this week.

Buglet is also in the middle of her first exams.

I had one of those moments where you turn into your parents. The advice I gave Buglet before her first exam was pretty much exactly what my parents have always told me:
  1. Proof read;
  2. Answer everything;
  3. Time your answers;
  4. There are certain marks allocated to each question - see points 2 and 3 above;
  5. Show your working out - you can get marks for working out; and
  6. Never, ever leave an exam early.
I did just stop short of sharing Dad's ultimate words of exam wisdom which are "some of the greatest rugby players throw up before every match". I am really bad for pre-exam nausea.  Buglet was feeling fine, so probably lucky I didn't complicate the issue. In case anyone is wondering, I have no idea who those rugby players are, how Dad knows this, and no it never stopped me from being sick but it did make me feel a little better.

She survived her first exam, and I am super proud of her. Buglet has much better study habits than I ever have. My darling eldest daughter is one of those people who does her assignments on a Friday night so she isn't leave them for the last minute. Unlike her mother who, after three degrees, has yet to learn this. So much for my observation to DB the other day, that "monkey see, monkey do". Either that or DB and Pixie are most definitely monkeys and Buglet and I are most definitely not monkeys. I may just stick to this theory!

Thursday night this is what I came home to:

Promise I am a competent parent, even if I am not the best student.

Now I seem to somehow have managed to teach my girls to be good students by showing them what not to do, I am crossing my fingers and hoping this works for other parts of their lives too!

One more week and exam stress will be over for a little while .... but life goes on like normal, just in case you missed it on facebook. Here is the Pixie on exams:

Me: Don't stress Buglet out this morning. She has an exam and exams are important.
Pixie *cheerfully*: Ok. I will stress Tink out instead.
Me *glaring*: I would rather you didn't stress anyone out. If you stress Tink out that will stress Buglet out.
PIxie: But I always stress Tink out. That is how it works. I will stress Flip-Flop out instead *runs out* Flip-Flop! Flip-Flop! Come here. I will stressel you out!

They are all very supportive in their own way. Pixie's way is just a bit unique.

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