Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A rugby playing Pixie

I am about as un-sporty as you can imagine. I would have been the person refusing to do Phys Ed at school if I hadn't also been such a model student ( you may read "model student" as "total nerd" and, while we are being honest, absolutely petrified of getting into trouble).

It has never ceased to amaze me that not only do my children like Phys Ed, they voluntarily do extra sporting stuff at school. Tink is the only one who plays a team sport out of school but in school they have all done extras; in their lunch breaks as well as interschool. Seriously.

Pixie's latest venture has been rugby. This has been an interesting experience.

Prior to the day
Pixie: Guess what Mama! I am on the rugby team.
Me: Oh really? Is it touch rugby or proper rugby where you can tackle?
Pixie *vaguely*: I don't know. I think can tackle. CHEEK TO CHEEK. But the boys are too scared to tackle me anyway.
Me: Maybe you should find out before the day.

On the day
Me: So is it touch rugby or tackle rugby.
Pixie: Oh. I don't know.
Me: Um you should probably check before you play?
Pixie: I am on the B team. I told Mr B I should be on the C team. He said I needed to toughen up because if I was on the C team I would tell him I should be on D team.
Me: Would you?
Pixie: Yes

After the game
Me: How did you go?
Pixie: Good we came third but it was a tie.
Me: I found out it was touch rugby.
Pixie: Oh yeah. I was one of the touchers.
Me: Did you have fun?
Pixie: Yeah. I almost scored a try.
Me: That is exciting!
Pixie: Yeah. I did an awesome ninja roll. It was very cool. But it didn't count because I was a toucher, so that was a bit awkward.
Me: Oh well. As long as you had fun.
Pixie: Yes! .... don't put that on facebook.
Me: Can I put it on my blog?
Pixie: Yes! You can call it "A rugby playing Pixie".

So there you go people! And the moral of the story is ... have fun, learn the rules, and always listen to your mother.

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