Monday, 16 June 2014

Soccer sleepovers

I am not exactly sure how I became the sort of person who lets her children get up in the middle of the night to watch the World Cup. I never thought I would consider sport this important!

But I have become that person.

8 years ago I only knew the World Cup was on because one of my colleagues had an Italian husband.

4 years ago the only reason I remember the World Cup was because of those annoying horn things that featured (This is different to my facebook status, but I only had this realisation in the middle of last night).

Thanks to Tink, how things have changed this year! I am pretty sure I get "Mummy points" for caring!

It started because, as a supportive mother, I am taking an interest in it this year. Tink is in the soccer academy of excellence at her school so it feels important to support her interest in the World Cup. In particular she is being encouraged to watch the games Germany plays as that is the country she drew for the project they are working on at school.

Yesterday she negotiated being allowed to wake up in the middle of the night to watch a game.

Pixie convinced Tink to wake up and watch the French game with her. Pixie may not like soccer particularly but she does love all things French.

Pixie: Can I get up and watch too?
Me: But you don't like soccer.
Pixie: Oh yeah I forgot. But I don't like to be left out!
Goes running out of the room.
Pixie: Buglet!!! Are you going to get up at 2am and watch the French play soccer?
Buglet: You are kidding right?

That was last night. Apparently they missed the first bit, but watched the rest until the end.

This morning they were full of enthusiasm for what they saw. Tink was busily explaining to me how the whole thing works. I still don't understand, but she seemed to have her head around it. The World Cup I mean, not the actual game. She is going to draw me a diagram later; she thinks it will help.

Pixie is very enthusiastic about the number of yellow and red cards that were given out. Although, I don't know if she has any idea what they mean!

They came home and slept all afternoon, woke up for dinner, and are back in bed ready to watch the next game tonight. This will not be an every night think, but tonight is the German game Tink had originally wanted to watch. Buglet said they were amazingly ungrumpy this afternoon, I am pretty sure she would have told me if they were unbearable.

This how I watch soccer when the weather is nice. I am a bit more rugged up when the weather is cold ... but I must be developing some enthusiasm for the game in it's own right, and not just when Tink is playing, because I found myself watching the game that was on when I woke up with some interest.

Pixie is definitely a rat any time of the day though. One of the reasons I let them wake up last night was because I had an exam this morning so I could drop them off at school. This was her car chatter today ...

Pixie: Did you find my World Cup selfies?
Me: No?
Pixie: They're on your phone.
Me: I don't usually wake up and check my phone for random selfies.
Pixie: You should. I know your password.

As an added bonus, I have realised that the pile of washing I have to fold now today's exam is over will  have to wait another day. My babies have claimed the lounge for a soccer sleepover, and it is all in there. I would hate to wake them. Oh what a shame ;)

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