Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Mama Bear and her babies

I survived my first day of this intensive week. Just. This will be a super short post.

I must have looked shattered when I made it home. Buglet took one look at me and told me to go to sleep. I curled up straight on the couch and went to sleep. Just staying awake long enough to have a cupcake shoved in my mouth by the Pixie. Buglet had made red velvet mini cupcakes this afternoon, and Pixie informed me later that she'd made very blue icing all by herself. It was very blue. Tink was all soccered out. She fell asleep on top of me about 30 seconds after I lay down. I love our couch! It is big enough for all four of us to snuggle on - and sleep!

Today's ironic moment was getting a frantic phone call from Pixie during a class on managing stress and work-life balance. A frantic phone call from Pixie either means something is very wrong or her she needs to dob on her sisters for something or she is not sure if she is allowed to eat some sort of food.

Me: What's wrong baby? Is it important? I am in class?
Pixie: No! Sorry. *slams down phone*

She wanted to know if she was allowed to have Guide biscuits. Luckily it was during a small group discussion. Since she did ring a few times a little more information would have been handy now. Apparently, Buglet made an executive decision in my absence. Some moments I feel like I have the work-life balance sorted, however fleeting those moments may be!

I did however still manage to make bear ears tonight. For some unknown reason Pixie knew exactly where the brown felt was that was left over from her mouse costume for book week 6 years ago. No idea where or how, it wasn't with the rest of the felt. As an added bonus, Buglet had been using the stapler, so that was where it was supposed to be.

Staplers are a point of contention in this house. There is never one around when I need one. I think I bought one per assignment for my first three years of law until I threatened to staple the girls' hands to the desk if I had to buy another one. That one stayed on the desk for at least 18 months. Potentially not my finest parenting moment, but I must have looked serious .... it worked!!

Daddy Bear ears and Baby Bear ears. Mummy Bear's ears were a point of contention. I thought they should go on a hat too. Pixie disagreed. I gave up. She is apparently going to stick them on using bobby pins.

Not the most artistic effort, but I think they will do! Sometimes your best is all you can do at the time. This is important. Feel free to remind me of this.

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