Friday, 13 June 2014

Liking v Liking

Despite how it might appear, I didn't take the decision to write about the girls in a public forum lightly.

The girls loved the "Pixie quotes" on facebook, they helped choose the name, approved their alias names, and I was very pleased when Buglet and Tink liked the blog page on facebook. Tink has even shared a couple of stories.

A few nights ago, the Pixie and I went for a drive to pick up a trampoline from a friends's place. We are re-homing it.

Pixie is a bit excited to be getting a new trampoline.

I am excited how well Paris the Yaris held up to the strain! Little cars can be tough too!


I find car trips are a great time to chat with the girls; just in case you haven't noticed this. This particular car trip was where Buglet told me all about her rugby playing adventures including the "you can't put this on facebook but you are fine to put it on the blog" bit.

It seemed like a good time to ask the Pixie how she felt about the blog. She told me that Buglet had shown her the carwash post.

Pixie: I was amazing wasn't I Mummy?!
Me: Yes you were baby, but did you like the post?
Pixie: No. I was looking at it on Buglet's facebook. I am not allowed my own facebook. I don't know if Buglet liked it.
Me: No not facebook liking something, real liking something.
*confused look from the Pixie*
Me: I mean does it make you happy that I write about you and people can read it.
Pixie: Yes! I am amazing!

That counts as permission doesn't it? But talk about a generation gap. Back in my day, liking something was a feeling and not a physical action online!

I have certainly never said there are not an awful lot of confusing conversations that happen in the car.

Last night was a good example.

Me: You're not allowed to be sarcastic.
Pixie: But I am tone deaf.
Me: I don't understand.
Pixie: I am tone deaf. So I don't know if I am bring sarcastic, I can't hear the tone.
*awkward silence*
Pixie: Mama!! You could put air freshners in your bag! I am a genius! Are you proud of me?
Me: Always baby.
Pixie: I am going to make millions one day. Half for me, half for Mummy.
Tink: What about Flip-Flop?
Pixie: I am going to buy her a gold dog bowl.
Me: You loving her is all she will ever really want.

She really does have it all sussed out. As much as I hate driving, my life would not be nearly as intresting without our car conversations.

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