Monday, 23 June 2014

An Officer and a Pixie

Since she could talk, the Pixie wanted to be an archaeologist. Except for one year, when she was about 4, and she desperately wanted to be a mermaid, but even then I think it was her back-up plan.

Pixie had it all sussed. She was going to be an archaeologist because she liked bones and old things, and she was going to find them with treasure in the shallow water because she didn't like deep water. This last bit may have only eventuated after she decided that being a mermaid didn't seem likely to happen.

Her career had started. She had a bone collection, all carefully labelled in permanent marker with the year she found them. Having friends who are farmers massively helps in the collection of bones, just in case anyone is looking for tips.

As for clothing, Pixie had requested a high vis suit for when she got her real job: "A suit like you wear to work Mummy, but made out of high vis stuff like Daddy's work shirt". At least no-one would miss her!

But now we have had a change of direction .... in the last twelve months, Pixie has had a change of career goal.

Officer Pixie

Pixie has developed a love for the show 'RBT'. I blame DB. I don't let her watch it. Ok, I should re-phrase, I don't let her watch it but there may be times (ie before exams and when I have assignments due) where I may not be the most vigilant parent, but I am pretty sure one of the advantages I get to being a single parent is blaming DB when they do things like this.

Unfortunately, her desire to join the police is based on the fact that she "likes laughing at stupid people". As much as I have pointed out that this is not ok, and that not all cops are on tv. There is no budging her on this one. As she points out drink driving is stupid, so I can't really argue on that point.

I went through a RBT on Friday night after taking Tink and her friend to the drive-ins. Pixie was most upset I hadn't gone to pick her up from her friend's house where she was sleeping over to take her through as well. She was slightly mollified this evening when we saw a police car with flashing lights and even more so when there were two cars with flashing lights pulled over by the side of the road looking for something (someone?!) in the bushes.

I should say at this point that I think the police force do an amazing job in very difficult circumstances, I am just not sure I want to wish my ditzy youngest daughter on them. I liked the idea of her doing archaeology; academia seemed like a nice safe place to protect the world from Pixie and somewhere her eccentricities would be appreciated.

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