Thursday, 26 June 2014

Let's do the time warp again ....

.... and flash back to 11 years ago when I was in hospital, with the effects of the pethidine just wearing off, in awe of my beautiful new baby girl, now known as "Pixie".

One of her middle names is "Joy", because it is my mum's middle name and one of her great-grandmother's names was "Joyce". The girls love hearing the meanings behind their names and when Pixie was about four we were having one of those conversations. Pixie asked what joy meant my response was "happiness, and that was a lovely thing to call a very special baby". Pixie's very serious response was "that is because I was only a baby and you didn't know that I was 'naughtiness' yet". Oops! Parenting fail! I did call her naughtiness a lot.

But that conversation did make me think. While she was called "Joy" for other reasons, she has brought so much joy to my life. Pixie was my surprise package, and she most definitely makes our lives a more joyous place.

Birthdays are a big thing. Buglet's birthday is exactly one month before Pixie's and she is not allowed to make birthday plans until after Buglet's birthday, so that Buglet gets to enjoy the lead-up to her special day. I was in a little bit of trouble on Monday when Pixie asked if I was going to pick them up on Thursday, and I asked why? In my defence, I hadn't forgotten it was her birthday, I was just worried there was something else on I had forgotten. We tend to spread birthday celebrations out, so I don't usually pick them up from school just because it is their birthday. However today I am massively thankful for Apple for picking them up from school and for making Pixie's afternoon special while I was at work. It helps relieve the mother-guilt somewhat. There was even cake. I did not get cake (ok that is not quite true, I did get myself a cupcake at work in celebration of 11 years of Pixie parenting!)

This year Pixie has decided to commemorate her birthday in her own way. Last weekend she spent most of her time amusing herself by making a time capsule to be opened on her 21st birthday. While I think this is a fabulous idea there were lots of arguments about the suitability of materials for making the capsule as she was adamant it needed to be buried outside. Luckily Google came to the rescue and in her hunt to find out how to make a good time capsule, she found a site that said it could be kept inside. The compromise was that we would "bury" it in my walk-in-robe; this would not be as hard as you might think.

Pixie hasn't quite finalised what is going inside the capsule yet, but she has drafted this letter. She told me I could share it with you all, but you have to forget what it says in the next 10 years.

"Today 26-6-2014
So last Thursday I came up with the idea to make a time capsule. I decided I wanted to bury it in the garden, but I couldn't find any containers that would be suitable so I have to just put it in mums wardrobe. Anyway, I asked mum want to put in there and she said I can't put my puppy in a box for 10 years. So today I am going to put special things and little memories inside my box I made. Just to remind future me I am going to list the newest & best songs at the moments: Fancy by Iggy Azalea, Problem by Ariana Grande & Iggy Azalea and Wiggle Wiggle by SnoopDay. The biggest movie (even though I am not allowed to watch it), is 'The Fault in Our Stars'. Sadly biggest trend is jellies which are plastic sandals. Buglet is at the stage she wears heels at ever chance she gets. Tink is at that stage where she is definitely becoming an annoying teenager. It's my last year of primary school and the year 6's of 2014 are the first group of year 6's graduate primary school in year 6. It's Tink's first year of high school and Buglet's last year of lower high school. Yesterday I found out I got into the EaLS program. Anyway, Mum recently started a blog on Facebook called 'Philosophy Minors'. She also just started the 1st chapter of 'Elementals', but by 2024 it will already have been the  #1 best seller in the World. Also at the moment loom bands are the biggest craze. In the capsule there is a rainbow loom band".

Please note: all spelling, grammar and punctuation are as Pixie wrote it! I should also clarify that the puppy discussions was because I suggested she put things in that would remind her about what her favourite things are at the moment; Flip-Flop is her favourite everything. We are going to get a photo of Flip-Flop for it instead.

Pixie requested that I post one whole paragraph about her, I think I have that covered!

And now I am going to go to bed. Pixie has just told me that I read the first chapter of her new book "right now" so we can discuss it in the morning, apparently she has questions, and I want to cuddle my not-so-little-baby while she still lets me.


  1. I think a time capsule is a lovely idea. I'm going to see if My Little Angel wants to do the same for her 11th birthday. We 've got a few months to get it organized.

    1. The Pixie is very pleased about the number of people who are doing them too. 11 really seems like the perfect age, 10 years before they turn 21, and just on the bring between childhood and teenagerness.