Friday, 6 June 2014

Dear Universe, Take That!

Dear Universe,

The Pixie is right. Life is awesome, because we are awesome. Ok, she might only apply this to herself, but I am claiming it too.

This week we have survived:
  1. Two exams (Buglet);
  2. One high school application test (Pixie);
  3. Two oral assessments (me);
  4. A week of classes (me);
  5. An in-class performance (Pixie);
  6. An interschool soccer carnival (Tink);
  7. Two after school interschool soccer games (Tink); and
  8. Interschool netball (Pixie).
I should also mention its been an insane week at work and in my personal life, and it has also only been a four day work week here in WA.

I don't care, I am calling it. We are awesome! Tired, but still claiming awesome.

I have also discovered my darling youngest daughter has a favourite article in the UN Declaration of Human Rights. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I am proud of her.

Driving the girls to school every day this week has had some advantages!

Buglet: We're doing World War II in history. Every time he says six million Jews died it makes me sad.
Me: And what makes it even sadder is genocide is still happening. Do you guys know what genocide is?
Pixie: I do! I do! Wait. I need the right voice *deep voice* Human Right 3: The Right to Life.
*stunned silence*
Pixie: What? It is
*proceeds to sing human rights UN song. Stops abruptly*
Pixie: My favourite is number 15 the right to copyright.
Me: I beg your pardon.
Pixie: It is one. It might not be 15, but it is my favourite.

I haven't quite been to work out which one it is she actually means, but I am working on it. I suspect it is Article 19, but if anyone you enough to form an opinion please let me know!

Just to let you know, Universe, I have also have wonderful people on my side. So you can't squash us that easily. This week has been dedicated to all the people who have provided food, driving, ears, and a shoulder to cry on.

And I did get those flowers.

Cath and the Entourage

PS This is not a challenge. Let's call it a tie. xx