Saturday, 14 June 2014

When a Minion takes on a Mouse

Just a short post to reflect on how lucky I am to work in such a family friendly environment. I wouldn't have accomplished half the things I have in the last few years if I didn't have an employer and colleagues who support the importance of family, and education for that matter.

I am also very lucky they like my children. When the girls rock up at work everyone seems happy to see them. This is a bonus as they do tend to come in with the grace and impact of a small tornado.

In particular I like that my colleagues are often waiting to hear what the story is behind the half of the conversation they can here. (Waves at any colleagues reading this! If these conversations and/or my children drive you nuts please feel free to email and tell me. I wouldn't blame you, I promise).

The Pixie in particular has a special relationship with my team's Minion. We call her the Minion because I rocked up to work all excited after seeing 'Despicable Me' with the brilliant idea that we needed a Minion to do things like photocopying and filing and running around. My lovely colleague very gently pointed out that she was the Minion, and the name stuck.

At Christmas, the Pixie named her Boss Minion. I feel this is particularly apt as she keeps our team in line!

You Boss Minion - Assistant minions Pixe, Tink and Buglet - Mum (not minion like Gru)

The girls came in to help decorate our part of the office for the office Christmas decorating competition. I am not special enough to be a minion. I am "like Gru".

Boss Minion's last day at work was on Friday. She is off to have wonderful adventures at Disney World. That is right Disney World. Normal people would find this exciting. Not the Pixie.

Me: GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! Boss Minion got a job at Disney World.
Pixie: But she won't be your Minion anymore.
Me: She got a job at Disney World.
Pixie: But that means she won't be your Minion anymore!
Me: But she got a job at Disney World!

The Pixie is the only person in the universe who things being my Minion is more amazing then working at Disney World.

When Pixie comes to visit me at work she always leaves her Boss Minion notes. About six months after the news she conceded enough to leave a note to the effect of "I am going to miss you, but I suppose you will have good time at Disneyland". Very gracious of her really!

Pixie made the goodbye card for her Boss Minion from the Entourage and me. Pixie's message wished her well and hoped she found lots of new minion friends.

Goodbye and good luck, Boss Minion! We will miss you. Our loss is Disney World's gain. Thank you for leaving me in safe hands at work .... I hope you warned her about the Pixie xxx

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