Saturday, 21 June 2014


And no, this isn't a post about me being lazy, although I could write one of those.

Ironically this post is brought to you by late night blogging and a random sighting on facebook that it is sloth week (No idea if this is true. I probably could have googled it. Googling things pays off as you will read later).

Look Mama! I am a sloth! Quick. Take a picture for Daddy.

As I haven't posted today, here is an old story about Tink.

Tink was in about year 1 when this story happened, so it is slightly paraphrased now!

Tink: Your favourite animal is a starfish isn't it Mummy?
Me: Sure. Why not.
Tink produces a family coat of arms.
Tink: I thought it might be. I spent such a long time drawing Daddy's sloth that I thought your favourite animal would be a star fish. I can draw those quickly.

The aforementioned coat of arms took pride of place on our fridge for ages. Now it is a box somewhere and when I see it next I will share a picture with you. It has a painstakingly drawn picture of a three-toed sloth on it which is actually DB's favourite animal. My official favourite animal is now a starfish, because Tink knew it would be.

And while we are on the topic of sloths, Pixie's random day of googling "how to make an origami sloth" paid off at Guides when that was what she was asked to make by chance last year in a random challenge organised by one of the girls. Out of all the things I have ever seen the girls google, that was one thing I never thought would pay off. Funnily, Tink's team was asked to make an elephant which is her favourite animal.


So the morals for tonight's story is:
  1. Sometimes you just know things about your mother;
  2. You never know when random knowledge may come in handy; and
  3. If you're going to be up so late, don't expect sensible blog posts.
Sweet dreams everyone xx


  1. :) brilliant advice for life :)

  2. Very good !! I like starfish AND slothes!! :)