Monday, 2 June 2014


Literally and figuratively. I am good like that.

First figuratively, and a gratuitous picture of the Pixie and Flip-Flop helping me swish away some mental cobwebs over the weekend.

Secondly ... a story ... which possibly shows that I cannot blame all my girls' vagueness on DB.

I have been studying (as you know), and this is pretty much the only time I ever get an actual desire to clean.

While I am happily sitting at my desk (please note that the word 'happily' should be interpreted in the widest way possible), when I spot some spider-webs that just had to be removed then and there. All good. I got the duster, climbed on the desk, and got rid of the spider-webs. The sad part of this story is when I realised that I couldn't get down. I managed to get up without really thinking about it, but a dodgy back and a spinning chair made getting down much harder than would have been anticipated if I'd actually thought about it.

So I am standing on a desk, in my pyjamas, with a duster and I had to call for Apple to come and get me down. Apparently when I was shouting for help that was not what she was expecting. Luckily she'd been visiting to help the Buglet with her science study. Unluckily, Buglet had a friend here as well.

As a 34 year old mother of three teenage(ish) daughters and an almost lawyer, I feel I should know better.

I am also now wondering if blaming DB for all the Pixie's climbing habits when she was a toddler was a little unfair. I did have major flashbacks. Except that back then the Pixie was the one getting stuck on things calling out "Mama! Mama!". I like that scenario better.

Outcomes of this story:
  1. Luckily English and history are my subjects not maths and science;
  2. Housework is dangerous;
  3. I am adding "don't climb up on things unless you are sure you can get down to the list-of-things-to-learn-before-I-turn-forty.
And just to finish, a Pixie quote from a couple of Halloweens ago while we were getting ready for a party: "Mama, should I get rid of the spider-webs, or should we just pretend we were growing them as decorations?"

We kept them. I think we should stick to this plan. We like themes and parties, and it seems much safer.

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  1. Hahahaha, thank you for the perfect laugh to end my day. I am so glad you kept the spider webs - shame you didn't think to do the same thing today :)