Monday, 9 June 2014

Happiness is the little things

I think this is especially important when you are stupidly busy.

You have to take the moments to appreciate the little things when they happen. As they say, in the end it is the little things that are really the big things (or something like that).

As I type I am enjoying a cupcake. Instant happiness.

I was given a car-warming present this week. I would like to introduce "Sir Hilton of the Paris Yaris":

He sits in my car guarding my Guide Hall keys and preventing me from putting junk there. More importantly he just makes me happy.

Yesterday was full of dramas. (If you missed the post and are interested ... click here!). But even amongst the insane stress levels I have had from every aspect of my life in the last fortnight, and really it has been one of those times where my work/personal/parenting/Guiding/study lives have all collided, there have been some magical moments.

In my adventuring with the girls in the late afternoon, we went via the carwash. Keeping Paris the Yaris in good condition is a number one family priority.

While we were sitting there Pixie decided to help me unstress.

"Sit still Mama, and pretend you're in a day spa. Look! You have Twisties and facebook".

Pixie shoves Twisties at me*.

"Look see that sign that says 'message box'. We are going to pretend it says 'massage box'. It's ok if I don't have my seatbelt in the carwash isn't Mama?"

Without waiting for a reply she proceeds to undo her seatbelt and starts massaging my shoulders.

"Now close your eyes and pretend you can hear the sound of waves at the beach. You are sitting on the beach".

Sound of the carwash changes.

"Oh listen a storm! Mama I don't like this bit. Are you still stresseled? Does that feel good?"

*Yes these were the same Twisties I had bribed her with earlier. Those Twisties really were the gift that kept on giving! Thank you Twistie Fairy.

Lesson of the week. You have to find your time-outs when and where you can get them, and remember happiness comes at the most unexpected times.

*Disclaimer*: This post was in no way sponsered by the Twistie company, but if they decide to donate Twisties to me I shall not refuse!

Wishing you all a day full of happiness and if you can't have sunshine, make sure you find your rainbow xx


  1. Sounds lovely! And great name for a unicorn!

    1. He makes me smile every time I am in the car. The Little One uses him to torment her sisters though :P I don't think he likes that. I think he is a nice unicorn.

  2. Thank you for the reminder that special moments can happen anytime, anywhere.